So what’s next?

Everyone has been asking me this question since I finished my dissertation and graduated last month. 

What is next after you finish 16 years of college? 

Well, that’s what I figured I could use this blog to figure out.  I had another blog for my dissertation project, so it’s time to try something new and be a normal person.

This morning, I was reminded by a colleague that I’m not a normal person.

I took no break after my dissertation and am now teaching two classes this spring with almost 160 students.  In addition to my regular job.

I am severely Type A and have a strong need to be organized, to amusement of those around me.

I’ve never NOT been a student.  Who am I now?

It’s time to redefine myself, people!

This blog will be a way for you to stalk me in a socially acceptable manner.  It will provide me with a means to be connected to those around me, near and far.

So, what’s next?

Follow me as I figure that out!