Getting used to it

So I’m a month into my life as a “non-student” and it’s been pretty interesting.  I’m teaching two classes here at ODU, and I’m just as busy as I was during my dissertation.  I really hope I teach the same classes in the fall so all of this class prep work doesn’t go to waste!

I’m loving teaching though.  It’s so much fun to see people learn.  Light-bulb moments are my favorite.

Sometimes, I feel like I should be stressing out about writing.  It’s weird to be done. 

I’m not sure where this blog is going to go.  I can’t imagine that my life is interesting enough to read about on a daily basis, but I know that it’s certainly weird enough to keep people amused.  I thought that perhaps after I finished my dissertation that I could make a blog about all of the irresponsible things I could do.  But then, I realized that I’d probably not do anything irresponsible. 🙂

Maybe what I’ll do is not have a plan.  I KNOW!  Me?  Not have a plan?! 

Look- I’m being irresponsible already!

3 thoughts on “Getting used to it

  1. Gretchen says:

    Isn’t planning not to have a plan, a plan? 🙂 How about instead of calling it irresponsible behavior, you say you’re going to have some non-work/school related fun that doesn’t require a list or an organizational chart?

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