So I have this thing with owls…

I know, it’s weird.  I have this thing with owls.  In the past four years, I’ve somehow started collecting owls.  Not just “nature” type looking owls, but the retro big-eyed owls.

When I was in elementary school, my first grade teacher collected owls.  They were everywhere.  I remember thinking it was kind of creepy.  Is this my future?  In 20 or 30 years when I retire from ODU, will people talk about me like I’m the crazy owl lady?  Will I have a shrine of owls covering my office?  Will my husband have to organize an intervention as the owls take over my home?  Who knows!!!

As with all things that people collect, each item seems to have a story.  So, I have decided that once a week, I will do a post called “Meet My Owl”.  Ha!

Once a week, you’ll get a peek into my weird owl habit and you’ll hear a story about an owl in my collection.  Prepared to be amused, informed, and perhaps even horrified.

Without further ado, meet the first owl at the Hall Hacienda…

Welcome to the Hall Hacienda.  "Owl" be your host...

This is the first owl that I bought when Kevin and I moved into the “Hall Hacienda”, as we like to call it.   This was the first owl that I bought for myself.  You’ll get to meet the owl that started it all next week.

I bought this door knocker off of Ebay on a whim.  I love it!  It’s so quirky and completely unexpected for new guests when they come up to the front door.  It’s definitely vintage.  I’m not sure if it’s brass but it’s heavy.  I love vintage finds because you can spend all day thinking about where the item was in a prior owner’s life.  Did Mr. Owl perch himself on the door of a swanky house?  Did he belong to a crazy owl person like myself?  Was he the property of a nice little old lady in an apartment with too many cats?

So there you go.   The first installment of Meet My Owl.

Scared yet?


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