Meet My Owl: the one that started it all…

In this week’s Meet My Owl segment, I’d like to introduce you to the owl that started it all.

Yes, in any collector’s stash, there’s that one item that started the madness.  My starter owl was actually a gift from a co-worker.  I didn’t start this madness.  I blame it on someone else.

This little guy was given to me by a colleague when I left Distance Learning to work in University College.  She knew I had just started a doctoral program and said that she thought an owl was an appropriate symbol of my new life journey.

Little did I know that this little paperweight would be the catalyst for an owl obsession…

He sits in my office at work and is a wonderful conversation-starter.  For some reason, when parents come to my office with their student, it’s one of the first things they comment on.   I moved it last year from my desk to a side table and it seems to be the ice breaker now.

And, in case of an emergency, I can use him to break my window.


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