Meet My Owl: String is Art

If you aren’t scared of my owl obsession yet, this week’s Meet My Owl may send you over the edge!

I am fascinated by the arts and crafts movement from 1950s-1970s.   I love looking through old magazines and books to see what people would do to save money decorating and to celebrate the seasons.  String art has always caught my attention.  It’s also known as pin art because artists would wind string, thread, or wire around pins to make shapes emerge.  People got pretty crazy with their string art back then.  You could buy kits and make your own art to hang on the wall.

Way back when, someone got that idea.  Someone who loved owls…

This amazing owl art is hanging on the wall of my study at home.  He’s bigger than a standard sheet of paper, maybe 12×14?  The black background is some sort of fabric, which anchors the pins.  They kind of look like little nails.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to create this owl?  Really look at how much string is on that canvas.  It’s nuts!  He gives me inspiration when I feel overwhelmed because it really puts things into perspective.  Feeling down because I don’t feel like reading a chapter of a textbook?  Check out Mr. Owl and suck it up.  Someone really gave 110% to make that creature!

I got him off of Ebay.  Apparently, that’s where owl fanatics go for anything owly vintage.  I found him by accident, I think around the same time that I bought Mr. Owl Door Knocker.  Sadly, he hangs on the wall alone.  I need to find him some friends.

In other news, I’ve been a busy bee today.  I woke up this morning and decided to try a new activity for exercise.  I had bought a ballet barre many years ago but never put it together.  It has been sitting in the garage ever since.  Armed with determination and motivation from the first day of Bikini Quest, I climbed up a ladder and retrieved my barre from the rafters of the garage.  Thankfully, Mr. Hall wasn’t around to yell at me for doing that by myself! 🙂

My barre is metal and comes apart really easily.  I like it because it has two levels to hang onto.  Growing up, my mom placed me and my sister in ballet classes so I enjoy barre work.  It makes me sad that I didn’t get this barre out sooner.
Here’s what it looks like (excuse the cheesy promo pic):

It came with a workout DVD, which has three levels of barre work.  This particular DVD focuses on cardio, which means that the barre work is there but it’s definitely not a “stretching” DVD.  My heartrate was up there from the movement and I definitely broke a sweat.  It also had floor work and ab work, which was a beast.  Here’s the cover of the DVD.  I hate it when people put “hottest workout” on something.  Just because it’s based out of a California studio doesn’t mean it’s “Hollywood’s Hottest Workout”.  Okay, so I just looked on the website, and there are a crapton of celebrities who go to the guy’s classes.  Maybe it is “Hollywood’s Hottest”.  Hmph.

45 minutes of Cardio Barre work earned me another 2 activity points.  I could have earned more, but I was thought I was going to die several times, so I had to take breaks.  I’d love to do this DVD at least once a week.

Eating has been good today too, mostly because Kevin hasn’t been home.  I eat better when I’m alone.

Breakfast: quinoa tabouli (7 points)

Lunch: Healthy Choice Pumpkin Squash Ravioli (8 points) and applesauce (0 points)

Snack: Sargento String Cheese Stick (1 point)

That leaves me with 13 points to eat today, plus the 4 activity points that I haven’t eaten, plus the 49 weekly points I can eat before next Wednesday.

Kevin gets home tonight and we’ll do a date night with a late dinner.  Maybe I’ll blow my points then. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Meet My Owl: String is Art

  1. Gretchen says:

    Love the owl! I also like your creativity with finding new ways to exercise. I need to think of something that will interest me and not feel like exercise. I have to trick myself LOL

  2. Long story short. I watched Wonderlust the other day and fell in love with this thing on their wall. I had no idea what it was called and did a google search, leaving me empty handed. Then I did my trusty FB update post asking if anyone has heard of such thing. Within 1 minute I had a response. I googled images of string art and found your owl. WOW! I need to make this! My macrame owl that I found at the thrift store two weeks ago is in the same room I want my string art. Perfect! I am very excited.
    I also have a blog with word press, it is new, just a month old. Learning everyday how to network. Take care!

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