Not again….

If you followed my blog last year, you are about to have a deja vu moment.  Almost one year ago to the day, I injured my foot trying to jog around the lake where I live.  It was literally out of commission for three months.  According to the podiatrist, I had to stop all impact cardio until August.   It was a mess and a major reason why the Bikini Quest got derailed.

Well, yesterday Kevin and I decided to walk around the lake.  An hour walk would do me good, I thought.  When I got home, my foot hurt.  Same spot, just not as severe pain.  I literally became a nut case.  Not again….whyyyyyyyyy????

Thankfully, I had the benefit of hindsight and realized that I needed to change the only thing that was the common denominator between both situations.  My shoes.  Yes, that’s the only thing that could be the same.  I vowed that I would remedy the situation the next day (today), since I was going to be off work anyway.

At any rate, yesterday was a good day.  We celebrated Kevin’s brother’s birthday and Kevin and I hung out doing a lot of nothing.  I knew I had to do some grading today, but I enjoyed my day of quasi-rest from schoolwork.

Yesterday’s walk earned me 3 points.

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s bran flakes and 1% milk (5 points)

Lunch: mexican restaurant for birthday celebrations.  Thankfully, it was during lunch, so I ordered the chicken lunch fajitas and ate them without the tortillas (3 points).  I snuck in some baked tortilla chips (3 points) and had salsa , sour cream (1 point) and refried beans (3 points).  Then, I had a VERY small piece of German chocolate cake (3 points).  My grand total for lunch and cake ended up being 13 points.

Dinner: thin crust Greek pizza (12 points) and home made cheese fries (4 points).  16 points total and a 1 point peppermint chew.

Although I went over my daily amount, I had extra points from exercising and my 49 weekly points.  I ended up going through the day with 35 points total.

I barely slept a wink last night, but I am pleased to say that I have a new pair of sneakers today.  Shout out to Running, Etc. in Virginia Beach hilltop!

I didn’t expect to be in the store for so long, however.  I think I tried on over a dozen pairs of sneakers.

Apparently, I have some serious foot issues which cause shoe shopping drama.  Here is the rundown of what these poor people had to deal when trying to fit me…

  1. Two ankle surgeries.  Right ankle was done differently from the left ankle, so I really should be wearing two different types of shoes on each foot.  Oops.
  2. The highest arches ever.
  3. Narrow feet but a wider footbed is necessary to avoid scrunching up my irritated tootsies.
  4. Non-pronating feet require a “neutral” shoe, but because my feet have a tendency to roll, I need a neutral shoe that thinks it’s a stabilizing shoe.  I needed a neutral shoe with a wide heel base.  Huh?

I tried on Brooks, Asics, Sucony, Nike, and New Balance.   I walked to and fro on a catwalk in the store.   Three people with tilted heads analyzed my gait, ankles, arches, and general well-being.   I hopped on a treadmill.  I was told that I needed shoes that felt like slippers.  I told them I just wanted shoes that would get me through a summer at Busch Gardens without cursing the Festhaus gods after a long day of walking.

I ended up liking two different brands: Nike and Asics.  The Nike shoes are air-cushioned and had a great wide foot base with a strong heel.  The Asics were gel-cushioned with a narrower base and a sleeker profile.  The Nike shoes were great, but they are WHITE.  If you know me, this was a major point of stress.  The minute any dirt gets on them, I would go bananas.  The Asics were grey and purple and more stain-friendly.

But, the wider foot base won in the end.  Kevin and I are going to DC this weekend and there’s no way I’m getting myself back in the podiatrist’s office on Monday.

So without further ado, I give you my shoes.  I need to find out if there is a product I can buy to spray these things. (sigh)

2 thoughts on “Not again….

  1. Gretchen says:

    Wow! That’s quite an ordeal just to get some shoes. However, now I’m thinking I don’t pay enough attention to how my shoes fit and I need to go to your place. Tell me, how many hundreds of dollars did you have to spend for these oh-so-comfy shoes?

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