Meet My Owl: Inked!

In a special edition of Meet My Owl, I am pleased to introduce “Owliver”.  He’s my newest owl.  And he’s permanent.

I love him!!!


(excuse the fading pedicure)


As some of you know, my first irresponsible thing I planned to do after finishing my dissertation was to get a tattoo.  You all thought I was joking.  Ha!  I just needed to wait for a week when I could go barefoot.   It’s spring break and I have the week off, so yesterday morning I headed to Rock Steady Tattoo in Hampton for my owl.

Unfortunately, the visit on Friday did not allow me to schedule an appointment and I was told to come first thing on Monday.  When I got there, only one person was there and he said he couldn’t get me in until Wednesday.  Well, I was willing to wait until then because I had heard such great things about the place.  I scheduled the appointment and headed home.  On the way, I got this weird feeling like I needed to do the tattoo now, so I called a couple of other places that I’d been looking at and one was open at lunch for walk-ins.

So, Mom (yes, my mom went and now she wants one too) and I headed to Virginia Beach Ink on Laskin Road.  I was a little apprehensive because I knew I was getting into a situation that may end badly, depending on who was at the shop when I got there.  Happily, Dwayne was there and able to get me in right away.  He was awesome!!!

I don’t know what everyone was talking about.  It did not hurt at all, not even a little.  I think it hurts worse to get flu shots than it did to get a tattoo.  It sort of felt like someone was scraping at my foot with something like a fingernail.  Maybe I have a high pain threshold.  Maybe Dwayne was the bomb.I was in and out in less than an hour.  I had a wrap over it for about three hours and then I removed it and washed it with mild soap.   I was expecting for it to get scabby or crusty.  Not a bit of bleeding, scabbing, or crusting.  It looks perfect.  The lines are a little raised up, which you can see in the photo, but I am to start putting Lubriderm on it four times a day now so it should smooth out.

I was instructed to avoid wearing shoes and socks for a few days, so I did my stretching DVD this morning.  That was fine with me because I did more than enough walking on Saturday and Sunday around D.C.

I’m 100% pleased with my new owl.  I had to get him a little bigger and a little more on the top of my foot because of the design and scarring from a surgery, but he’s exactly what I wanted.   Now I really feel like the dissertation is done!

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