Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 2

Well, my fear was realized this morning when I weighed in. A weekend in D.C. was bad for my weight loss. I gained this week and weighed in at 162. It wasn’t like I gained a lot, but it’s still a gain anyway. Kevin lost a pound, so I’m happy for him!

In thinking about why I gained this week, I came up with a few ideas:
1) lack of consistent exercise. Although I walked a lot on Saturday and Sunday, I still was off track with my exercise routine. I just need to move every day and get my heart rate up. Of course, the tattoo makes things difficult this week because I can’t wear shoes.
2) not drinking enough water over the weekend. I probably only drank a third of what I would normally drink. I’ve noticed that when I don’t drink my water, I really feel bloated.
3) although I was in my points over the weekend, I still had a couple of issues that may have contributed to a gain. First, I packed snacks, but they were mostly crackers, which are high in carbs. Secondly, I probably ate more salty foods than normal, and since I wasn’t drinking a lot of water, I probably retained some water weight.

So, this week is a new week. I’m a little frustrated but I understand that this is a process. I just need to put in 100% every day.

I’m home this week grading papers for class, so I am challenged by boredom snacking. I have some low point and zero point things I can eat, which should help.

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