Wednesday Weigh-In

I’m happy to report that I have lost another 2 pounds!  This means I’m down 4.4 pounds.  Granted, it took me a month to get it off, but it’s coming off slowly.

Things I did this week that helped me be successful: I was really good about adding extra veggies into my daily eating.  I upped the salads too, which helped me feel fuller without using up points.  I also was really good about drinking all of my water. 

Even as much as I love water, especially cucumber water, I have to admit that it gets hard to drink as the week goes on.  Kind of boring, you know?  I don’t drink coffee either.  Someone suggested that I try a flavored tea and gave me a Bigelow I Love Lemon tea bag.  It is wonderful!  It’s not a black tea, rather it has rose hips, lemon, peppermint, and lemongrass.  I have been drinking two mugfuls a day and it really helps get the water intake up.

As far as things I think I could have done better this week:  tracking my points on the weekend.  Although I’m sure that I stayed within my extra point allowance, I wasn’t really diligent with calculating my restaurant meals.  In addition, I got ZERO exercise in this past week because I was fighting off either a cold or really bad allergies.  I’m feeling much better this week, in fast yesterday was the first day in a while that I’ve felt normal.

Goals for this upcoming week:  get back on the exercise wagon.  Try a new recipe.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In

  1. Mae says:

    Have you tried the MiO flavorings for water? I’m usually a tea person in the winter but now that we’ve had a taste of spring weather, I started the switch to more weather appropriate drinks. The MiO stuff (it’s like a little bottle of flavoring concentrate) contains sucralose – no calories. It comes in a bunch of flavors – pomegranate berry is really good. Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a way to spruce up your water!

  2. Mae says:

    Well, Meijer – so you don’t have that where you are – but I would check any fairly large supermarket. It’s pretty new. Coupon coming in this Sunday’s circular.

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