Wednesday Weigh-In

Today’s a good day, people!

For a second week, I’ve lost weight!  Today I weighed in at 155.2. 

That is a one pound loss from last week and a total of 8.4 pounds lost. Yay!

I have to think this is the medicine I’ve been put on because my eating habits aren’t really changing.  I’ve been staying in my points and allowing myself to eat my extra points on the weekend.

Today also marks a 5% loss since I started.  Very motivating.

Things I Love Right Now: Spring Edition

Time for the springtime edition of “Things I love right now”!

1) EOS lipbalm, lemon drop flavor.  This stuff is sitting on my desk at work.  If you know me, I’m always talking and drinking water during the day, so my lips are chapped.  My desk is like a menagerie of products for dryness: hand creams, lotions, and chapsticks.  Right now, I love this EOS stuff.  It has a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll everywhere and the lemon drop flavor is very refreshing!  It kind of reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake doll that was the lemon character.  Remember how those smelled?


2) Lush’s hair henna.  They call it “caca”, which I think is hilarious because it really looks like a poop helmet when you put it on!  This should be a long-ago “thing I love”, because I’ve been using this for a year now.  One year ago, I decided I would stop putting chemicals on my hair to color it and my hair has thanked me ever since.  I like Lush’s product because it comes in a pre-formed bar, which has the henna in there, but also additional things like cocoa butter.  I use two squares per henna-ing session.  There’s six squares per block.  That’s been a great money-saver for me because the entire block is $23, so that’s less than $10 per session.  Way better than the $50+ dollars I spent every six weeks to get my hair chemically treated.  Plus, it’s the only colorant I’ve used that has given me a true “chocolate” brown color.  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  It’s completely changed my hair texture and made it so much more managable.  The only downside?  You can’t chemically color over henna, so if I want to go back, I have to grow it out first.  I don’t think I’ll go back any time soon!  My color is caca brun.

3)  Croc’s Patricia sandals.  My friend Morgan introduced these to me last summer after the unfortunate foot injury.  They saved my little pigs.  I had forgotten how much I love them until I put them on last week when we had our first really hot day at work.  The slight heel on them takes the pressure off of my instep and they provide a good level of softness when you walk that Croc’s are known for- without the gaudy slip on, huge toe Croc style we all know.  $40 at Dick’s sporting goods store and a good variety of colors.  I have a crazy-high arch so I lined the bottom of the straps with a stick-on moleskin, which helps with the rubbing of the top of my foot.

4)   This is the best website for recipes.  It’s basically a dumping ground for food bloggers.  Check it out and prepare to find a million things you can’t wait to make!

5) Fun on the cheap.  I can’t deal with these gas prices. I also can’t deal with the cost of margaritas at restaurants, which lead to my Margaritaville purchase last month.  How can margaritas at home be even better?  When you have great friends over and play board games!  For two hours on Saturday, Gretchen, Bill, myself, and Mr. Hall enjoyed a rousing game of Clue.  So much fun!!!  And even better, it was free.  If the price of gas gets up to $6 a gallon this summer, I’m going to buy more board games.

Another year better and a surprise Meet My Owl

Yesterday was my 35th birthday!  I can hardly believe it.  I remember when I turned 30 I felt an immense amount of depression at the loss of my “youth”.  Then, I had someone on campus ask me if I was a freshman, so I got over it pretty quick.

I thought that yesterday would be another depressing day, but it was just any other day.  I don’t feel any older and I had a great weekend with family and friends.

Of course, anytime I hit one of these “milestone” birthdays, I always reflect on the goals I’ve set for myself and where I see myself going in the future.  My biggest goal was to get the doctorate by the time I turned 35, so that was a major check-mark off my list.  Now, what the heck do I do with myself? 

I decided not to make any new goals.  I’m just going to focus on my health and make this year one that I make myself a priority.  I’m happy with my eating habits and I’ve been really consistent with the Weight Watchers.  Hopefully, the pills and drugs I’ve been put on will help my poor body level out on the insulin and hormone front.

This morning, my bestie, Gretchen, stopped by my office with a little birthday gift….this week’s Meet My Owl.  He’s a newborn owl!

Isn’t he cute?  He’s handmade and a combination of felt and cotton fabric.  The stitching on him is so clean and neat.  It speaks to my Type A crafting soul.   Plus, he’s purple.  My favorite color.

Don’t you love the heart embroidered on his butt?

Wednesday Weigh-In: Cautiously optimistic

I think I’ve trained myself to go into fits of anxiety prior to my Wednesday weigh-ins every week.  I can barely sleep the night before and I start going through my head, ticking off all of the things I’ve done wrong during the week and wishing that my weight is even and I haven’t gained.

What the heck?!  This is not a positive way to look at the process, people.

Nonetheless, I started my morning with a prayer to the weight loss gods and got out of bed.  I mentally prepared myself for disappointment.  I was happy for Kevin when he weighed in and had lost 2.2 pounds. 

So I stepped on the scale and asked him to record my weight on my phone app for me, ready for another week of a gain.

Imagine my SHOCK when I weighed in at 156.2.  That is a 4 pound loss for the week!  WHAT?!?!?!

I’m not sure what’s going on.  I’m not complaining, believe me.  Maybe it’s the Metformin actually working.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat all of my extra points this past week.  Out of 49 extra points, I didn’t eat 21.  That’s almost an entire day of points.

Now I’m down 7.4 pounds total. 

My birthday is this weekend, so I’m fully aware of the challenges ahead of me.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will all be celebratory dinners.  I need to up the cardio.

Other things I did well this week:

1) I changed my nightly dessert to a 1 point fudge pop from the 3 point ice cream treat.  While this is only 2 points different, that is a total of 14 points I saved.

2) I started eating a breakfast that is higher in points.  While I enjoy my egg white scramble with 2% cheddar cheese (NOT), I thought that maybe I needed a combination of protein and carbs.  As a result, I’ve started eating a yogurt with 1/8 cup of Grape Nuts.  I hasn’t really affected my hunger levels, but maybe it’s helping me eat less at lunch.

This is definitely a motivating week for me.  Maybe it’s just the week that my body “clicked” with the Weight Watchers program.  Who knows.  I just need to be consistent for the next week!

Recipe: Spicy Broccoli Slaw

I’m catching up now with my posts after being MIA for a little bit…

For the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying a spicy broccoli slaw for lunch.  I found this on another blog and decided to give it a try.  It’s really tasty!  Even better, it’s only 2 Weight Watcher points for a huge bowl.


Here is the recipe:

Get some bagged broccoli slaw from the grocery store.  It’s hard to find.  Usually it’s hiding under all the bagged salad stuff at the bottom of a shelf.

Dump into a bowl of your choosing.  Top with Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinagrette and sprinkle with red pepper flakes.

Easy!  I love the TJ dressing.  It’s light and spicy.  It’s a filling lunch too. 

The TJ dressing can be hard to find too if you don’t know where to look.  I couldn’t find it in their dressing/sauce aisle, so I ended up asking for help and was directed to the refridgerated veggie area.  Here’s what it looks like:

Trader Joe’s, I heart you.

Meet My Owl: On High

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted on Meet My Owl- oops!

This week, I thought I’d show one of my favorite owls in the house.  He sits on top of the fireplace mantel.  My mom got him for me.  He’s a Jim Shore piece and made of carved wood.  The picture really doesn’t do justice for his painting.

Wednesday Weigh-In and a medical update

Hello again!

Well, my prediction was correct.  Going away for almost a week is not good for the scale.  I think I ate too much sodium, even though I was within my points values (hopefully). I gained back what I lost last week.  I’m okay with that though.  It’s a new week and I’ve been on track for the past two days already.

Some of you may be wondering about my new doctor that I went to on April 1.  I love her!  She’s practicing through DePaul Hospital.  I was pretty nervous about seeing yet ANOTHER doctor about my issues, but when I started to get stabbing pain I knew I had to see someone. 

When we met, I gave her my abbreviated medical history, which I referred to as the “long and convoluted story”.  I told her about how I was diagnosed 10 years ago as “subclinical” hypothyroid with probable insulin-resistence issues.  I told her about the miriad of endocrinologists I’ve been to in the past four years.  I explained how my gyn last year took me off the birth control pills since I was getting closer to 35 years old.  I practically boo-hoo’ed my way through the appointment as I confessed my feeling that I had no control over my weight, gaining 20-25 pounds between July and October of last year.  I admitted that I wanted a woman’s opinion about what was going on.

After an exam, she agreed that I was definitely exibiting some physical symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and straight away put me back on birth control.  I asked about the 35 and older issue, which she replied by rolling her eyes and telling me that was basically a bunch of crap.  As a healthy, non-smoking woman, I had no reason not to be on the Pill.  I told her about all of the ones I’ve tried, which she actually disagreed with, based on my condition.  My other gyn always put me on something low dose, but always tri-phasic.  As a result, she said, that was putting my already dysfunctional body into an unstable ride every month.  Then, she blows me away by telling me that she only knows male doctors to prescribe tri-phasic pills.  Guess I got my woman’s perspective!

She decided to put me on the new Be Yaz pills, which are basically a low dose pill with extra folic acid.  That way, if Mr. Hall and I do decide to have our own drummette in the future, I’ll already be on some sort of supplement.  I’m NOT saying this is happening people.  It’s not on my radar in any way, shape or form.  Sorry!  I continue to live vicariously through my pregnant friends! 

Then, I asked her about taking Metformin, which is basically a drug given to people who are pre-diabetic as a way to control insulin responses.  I was surfing online on a PCOS group and came across it as a possible treatment for both ovulation and weight gain.  Many people had success with it, so I asked if it would be something to look into.  She agreed that it wouldn’t hurt, but the side effects can be a beast.  Many people report serious gastrointestinal issues when taking it.  So, we decided that of 1500 mg, I’d start at 500 mg and then when we met today (if it was good), I’d move up to 1000mg.

I’m happy to report that I have had ZERO problems, so I’m bumping up to 1000mg tomorrow.  That’s one pill, twice a day.  Pray for me people.  I need this to work!

Wednesday Weigh-In: Almost a week late!

Sorry for being MIA for the past week or so- I’ve been at a conference all last week!

I’m happy to report that my weigh-in last Wednesday was really good. Down 1.8 pounds, so that’s 5.2 total!  I was so surprised to see that much, because my clothes didn’t feel very different.

After last week at the conference and traveling, I’m not sure how my weigh-in will be this week.  I’m a little nervous, I have to admit.  I packed yogurt and cheese sticks.  There were little pre-measured baggies ready for my snack attacks.  But, as you know, nothing completely predictable when you travel for extended periods of time.  I tried to make good choices when I ate dinner out and I walked ALOT on Saturday afternoon in DC. 

We’ll see how it goes this Wednesday at the scale!