Wednesday Weigh-In and a medical update

Hello again!

Well, my prediction was correct.  Going away for almost a week is not good for the scale.  I think I ate too much sodium, even though I was within my points values (hopefully). I gained back what I lost last week.  I’m okay with that though.  It’s a new week and I’ve been on track for the past two days already.

Some of you may be wondering about my new doctor that I went to on April 1.  I love her!  She’s practicing through DePaul Hospital.  I was pretty nervous about seeing yet ANOTHER doctor about my issues, but when I started to get stabbing pain I knew I had to see someone. 

When we met, I gave her my abbreviated medical history, which I referred to as the “long and convoluted story”.  I told her about how I was diagnosed 10 years ago as “subclinical” hypothyroid with probable insulin-resistence issues.  I told her about the miriad of endocrinologists I’ve been to in the past four years.  I explained how my gyn last year took me off the birth control pills since I was getting closer to 35 years old.  I practically boo-hoo’ed my way through the appointment as I confessed my feeling that I had no control over my weight, gaining 20-25 pounds between July and October of last year.  I admitted that I wanted a woman’s opinion about what was going on.

After an exam, she agreed that I was definitely exibiting some physical symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and straight away put me back on birth control.  I asked about the 35 and older issue, which she replied by rolling her eyes and telling me that was basically a bunch of crap.  As a healthy, non-smoking woman, I had no reason not to be on the Pill.  I told her about all of the ones I’ve tried, which she actually disagreed with, based on my condition.  My other gyn always put me on something low dose, but always tri-phasic.  As a result, she said, that was putting my already dysfunctional body into an unstable ride every month.  Then, she blows me away by telling me that she only knows male doctors to prescribe tri-phasic pills.  Guess I got my woman’s perspective!

She decided to put me on the new Be Yaz pills, which are basically a low dose pill with extra folic acid.  That way, if Mr. Hall and I do decide to have our own drummette in the future, I’ll already be on some sort of supplement.  I’m NOT saying this is happening people.  It’s not on my radar in any way, shape or form.  Sorry!  I continue to live vicariously through my pregnant friends! 

Then, I asked her about taking Metformin, which is basically a drug given to people who are pre-diabetic as a way to control insulin responses.  I was surfing online on a PCOS group and came across it as a possible treatment for both ovulation and weight gain.  Many people had success with it, so I asked if it would be something to look into.  She agreed that it wouldn’t hurt, but the side effects can be a beast.  Many people report serious gastrointestinal issues when taking it.  So, we decided that of 1500 mg, I’d start at 500 mg and then when we met today (if it was good), I’d move up to 1000mg.

I’m happy to report that I have had ZERO problems, so I’m bumping up to 1000mg tomorrow.  That’s one pill, twice a day.  Pray for me people.  I need this to work!

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