Wednesday Weigh-In: Cautiously optimistic

I think I’ve trained myself to go into fits of anxiety prior to my Wednesday weigh-ins every week.  I can barely sleep the night before and I start going through my head, ticking off all of the things I’ve done wrong during the week and wishing that my weight is even and I haven’t gained.

What the heck?!  This is not a positive way to look at the process, people.

Nonetheless, I started my morning with a prayer to the weight loss gods and got out of bed.  I mentally prepared myself for disappointment.  I was happy for Kevin when he weighed in and had lost 2.2 pounds. 

So I stepped on the scale and asked him to record my weight on my phone app for me, ready for another week of a gain.

Imagine my SHOCK when I weighed in at 156.2.  That is a 4 pound loss for the week!  WHAT?!?!?!

I’m not sure what’s going on.  I’m not complaining, believe me.  Maybe it’s the Metformin actually working.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat all of my extra points this past week.  Out of 49 extra points, I didn’t eat 21.  That’s almost an entire day of points.

Now I’m down 7.4 pounds total. 

My birthday is this weekend, so I’m fully aware of the challenges ahead of me.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will all be celebratory dinners.  I need to up the cardio.

Other things I did well this week:

1) I changed my nightly dessert to a 1 point fudge pop from the 3 point ice cream treat.  While this is only 2 points different, that is a total of 14 points I saved.

2) I started eating a breakfast that is higher in points.  While I enjoy my egg white scramble with 2% cheddar cheese (NOT), I thought that maybe I needed a combination of protein and carbs.  As a result, I’ve started eating a yogurt with 1/8 cup of Grape Nuts.  I hasn’t really affected my hunger levels, but maybe it’s helping me eat less at lunch.

This is definitely a motivating week for me.  Maybe it’s just the week that my body “clicked” with the Weight Watchers program.  Who knows.  I just need to be consistent for the next week!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In: Cautiously optimistic

  1. Have you tried adding a grated zucchini into your omelettes? It gives it body and the obvious micronutrients! I’d add a yolk back to. You know, food is for enjoying. If you start dropping out the flavour and enjoyment the human spirit has an infallable way of getting it back times ten. Whatever weight loss endeavour you take on should be sustainable forever. If you can’t stomach it now, then your stomach will always win! I wish you luck. Steph

  2. Gretchen says:

    Anxiety before Wednesday Weigh-Ins is not good. This should not be an agonizing process. Maybe weighing once a week is too much. Maybe you should be doing it once a month. Our weight fluctuates so much anyway you’re probably just making yourself anxious for no reason.

  3. Stephanie, I’ll have to try the zucchini. I am so fast out of the door every morning, there’s never extras. Maybe I could pre-grate it and dump it in that way. I like the egg whites and they taste good, but it’s pretty boring.

    Gretchen, I agree, it’s not normal. Unfortunately, I tried the once a month deal and that’s why I’m at the weight I’m at now- I think. I stopped weighing once a day, so I figure that’s an improvement. I just need to really check myself and start trusting that my body will start operating properly if I give it what it needs. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was just the insulin this entire time?

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