Things I Love Right Now: Spring Edition

Time for the springtime edition of “Things I love right now”!

1) EOS lipbalm, lemon drop flavor.  This stuff is sitting on my desk at work.  If you know me, I’m always talking and drinking water during the day, so my lips are chapped.  My desk is like a menagerie of products for dryness: hand creams, lotions, and chapsticks.  Right now, I love this EOS stuff.  It has a flat bottom so it doesn’t roll everywhere and the lemon drop flavor is very refreshing!  It kind of reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake doll that was the lemon character.  Remember how those smelled?


2) Lush’s hair henna.  They call it “caca”, which I think is hilarious because it really looks like a poop helmet when you put it on!  This should be a long-ago “thing I love”, because I’ve been using this for a year now.  One year ago, I decided I would stop putting chemicals on my hair to color it and my hair has thanked me ever since.  I like Lush’s product because it comes in a pre-formed bar, which has the henna in there, but also additional things like cocoa butter.  I use two squares per henna-ing session.  There’s six squares per block.  That’s been a great money-saver for me because the entire block is $23, so that’s less than $10 per session.  Way better than the $50+ dollars I spent every six weeks to get my hair chemically treated.  Plus, it’s the only colorant I’ve used that has given me a true “chocolate” brown color.  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  It’s completely changed my hair texture and made it so much more managable.  The only downside?  You can’t chemically color over henna, so if I want to go back, I have to grow it out first.  I don’t think I’ll go back any time soon!  My color is caca brun.

3)  Croc’s Patricia sandals.  My friend Morgan introduced these to me last summer after the unfortunate foot injury.  They saved my little pigs.  I had forgotten how much I love them until I put them on last week when we had our first really hot day at work.  The slight heel on them takes the pressure off of my instep and they provide a good level of softness when you walk that Croc’s are known for- without the gaudy slip on, huge toe Croc style we all know.  $40 at Dick’s sporting goods store and a good variety of colors.  I have a crazy-high arch so I lined the bottom of the straps with a stick-on moleskin, which helps with the rubbing of the top of my foot.

4)   This is the best website for recipes.  It’s basically a dumping ground for food bloggers.  Check it out and prepare to find a million things you can’t wait to make!

5) Fun on the cheap.  I can’t deal with these gas prices. I also can’t deal with the cost of margaritas at restaurants, which lead to my Margaritaville purchase last month.  How can margaritas at home be even better?  When you have great friends over and play board games!  For two hours on Saturday, Gretchen, Bill, myself, and Mr. Hall enjoyed a rousing game of Clue.  So much fun!!!  And even better, it was free.  If the price of gas gets up to $6 a gallon this summer, I’m going to buy more board games.

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