Wednesday Weigh-In: Almost a week late!

Sorry for being MIA for the past week or so- I’ve been at a conference all last week!

I’m happy to report that my weigh-in last Wednesday was really good. Down 1.8 pounds, so that’s 5.2 total!  I was so surprised to see that much, because my clothes didn’t feel very different.

After last week at the conference and traveling, I’m not sure how my weigh-in will be this week.  I’m a little nervous, I have to admit.  I packed yogurt and cheese sticks.  There were little pre-measured baggies ready for my snack attacks.  But, as you know, nothing completely predictable when you travel for extended periods of time.  I tried to make good choices when I ate dinner out and I walked ALOT on Saturday afternoon in DC. 

We’ll see how it goes this Wednesday at the scale!