Wednesday Weigh-In: I could get used to this and a new workout

You know when you start worrying that something could be too good to be true?  After several weeks of losses, I was ready this week for a gain on the scale.  I mean, there’s no way that I can keep losing like this.  I’ve NEVER lost weight this consistently before, even when I was doing Weight Watchers here at work.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I lost 1.4 pounds this week!  I thought for sure that I’d either gain or possibly stay the same.  I don’t want to jinx myself- watch next week I’ll gain.  shhhhhh!

At any rate, I’m super excited because now my weight loss is up to 11 pounds!

I decided to start up another attempt at some more organized exercise this morning.  My doctor says I need to be doing some sort of intense cardio at least six days a week.  With the PCOS, she says I’m just one of those unlucky people that needs to be vigilant and the cardio is good for my insulin resistence too.

Specifically, she recommended I do old school dance-type cardio.  No running, walking is okay as a supplement, no spin classes.  I need to be bouncing around and using my body weight to propel myself up and down.

I’ve been putting off the whole new workout plan until I’d been on the new meds for a month, just to be sure that I didn’t do anything too much to inbalance my blood sugar.  Luckily, I’ve had zero problems on the new meds and today I didn’t feel faint or anything.

I hadn’t really heard of dance cardio before, at least in an organized workout program.  I googled and came up with the Tracy Anderson Method.  I guess she’s some celebrity trainer who works with some famous skinnies.

She has a workout system that is a combination of the dance cardio and mat work.  People seem to swear by it, so I’m giving it a shot.

Today, I did 30 minutes of mat work and then 30 minutes of the dance cardio. Other than feeling like my heart was about to explode, I kept up with modifications (read: no jumping the whole time, but I kept up with the arms and legs) and managed to avoid injury.

My initial review of her workout: the mat work seems alot like the Callanetics that I’ve been doing, which was nice.  She focuses a lot on kneeling poses, like on all fours, which was pretty painful after about 15 minutes.  I folded up a towel and that helped.  My wrists hurt a little too, which may be because 1) I have zero upper body strength, or 2) I have really weak wrists.   Her deal is to exhaust all of the little muscles and then move to the other side and repeat.  It was a little confusing because she doesn’t prompt a lot, so I need to watch more closely tomorrow.  For 5AM, I think I did okay.

The cardio DVD was fun.  I like to dance, and it was a little old school.  I got through about 5 minutes of the jumping and was about ready to sit down, so I did a combination of the full cardio jumping and just following along without jumping.

As skinny as this Tracy Anderson is, I don’t see how you couldn’t be super skinny after doing this workout for a few months.

Fingers crossed that my foot stays happy.  Praise to the Metformin gods.

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