Wednesday Weigh-In: Non-scale victories

Well, I didn’t jinx myself, but I didn’t lose any weight this week.  I didn’t gain either, so I’m perfectly fine with that too.

What I did gain yesterday was a major non-scale victory…I wore a pair of pants to work yesterday that I have not been able to zip up for over a year!!!  I could care less what I weighed (okay, maybe a little), because that pair of pants was a major motivator for me.

I know I’m skinnier.  I can see it.  This Tracy Anderson person is a crazy machine with all of her jumping and cardio mayhem, but it’s working.  Six days of this and her mat workout….and I’m already skinner??  It can’t be, but it’s true. 

My Weight Watchers subscription runs out this week.  I’m going to go on my own using some apps.  I think I can handle the concepts now, so I’m excited to continue.  Mr. Hall lost a pound this week, so he’s going to keep at it too.

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