And the verdict is….my body is messed up from the hips down

Long story short- I went to the sports med doctor yesterday and he was amazing.  In an hour, he managed to diagnose why I keep hurting myself, regardless of the type of exercise!

Let me start by saying I love doctors who take their time.  I really got my money’s worth yesterday.

Starting with the foot problem from last year- yes, I went there.  He says I have something like metatarselitis (I think), which means that my little tarsils (tarsels?) get inflammed with incorrect footwear.  Yay for me getting new sneaks.  Problem solved.

Moving up to the most pressing issue…the knees are okay.  They’re not great, but it’s not a catastrophe.  He’s not sure if it was truly bursitis, since my pain level has gone down dramatically.  There are also synovial sacs around the knee that can get inflammed.  There are also muscles from the groin down to the knee and those can pull and make you think your knee is all jacked up too.  He did a lot of poking around and I didn’t squeal in pain, so he was happy about that.  The verdict?  No heat, just ice.  Stay on the Aleve for two more weeks and no compression or wrapping the knee of any kind.  Compression=weakens the knee area.  PT for that.

Now to the interesting part.  From my two past ankle surgeries and a lack of consistent exercise over the past 6 years, he thinks I have pretty much deteriorated the muscles around my ankles.  He didn’t like the term “weak ankles”, but he said that’s pretty much what is going on.  PT for that.

Then, in a surprising twist, he had me do some squats and leg lifts, all the while holding onto the sides of my hips.  He explained that he thinks I have some forward pronation in my hips because when I squat or lift, my hips go up and forward instead of up and back.  And, one hip was kind of tilting.  He said my hip area is very weak and tight.  This hip rotation may be causing me to walk a little funny, which will tweak the knees.  PT for that.

Add to that “ankles that don’t know where they are supposed to land”, and you’ve got a recipe for exercise disaster.  Basically, my feet don’t know where they are in space or how to land in a stable manner.

So now I’ve got a PT order for all three areas.  He wants me to start on the ankles first, since most PT places won’t treat more than one thing at a time.  I’m to go for 4-6 weeks and see how it goes from there.

I have an appoinment at the In Motion PT place down the road from my house on Tuesday to get my evaluation.  I’m happy it’s closer to home, rather than all the way by the oceanfront where I had to go yesterday.

So am I happy with the outcome?  Yes and no.  I’m not happy that I’ve got multiple things wrong, but I’m happy that I’m getting the opportunity to correct it and get myself to the point where I can exercise injury-free.


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