Life, post dissertation

I’ve taken up sewing (again)!  I used to sew way, way back in the day.  I always enjoyed it, but never did it enough to really become proficient, in my opinion.

After the dissertation, I felt like I needed to take up some sort of a hobby this summer.  Sew (so, get it?), I dragged out the old trusty Singer and decided to give it a try again.  After reteaching myself how the thing worked, I declared this summer is “summer of the sundress” and talked my mom into helping me with my new hobby.  Of course she was happy to oblige, as she gets sundresses out of the deal too.

So far, I’ve made myself one sundress, which was woefully stitched up in material that was too thin.  It was a good practice run though.

I’ve made two for Mom, which I seem to get better at each time.  Here’s one I made yesterday.  You can click on the photos for more detail and make them bigger.

Notice the cute pockets on the front?  She wore her normal undergarments underneath, which is why you can see extra straps.  It’s actually a tie back dress.   Her’s was in a super cute seersucker fabric.  I think it turned out well!

I started cutting out fabric last night for my next dress, which is a festive turquoise madras pattern.

I’m getting faster each time, but it’s still taking me a full day of work to make each dress.  I scoff at the package’s bold declarations that “it’s sew easy” and “quicky sewy”.  Phffffthpp.

Of course, it could also be my little helper, who seems to get in the way…


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