Wednesday Weigh-In: Persistence pays off

After a few dissapointing weigh-in weeks, I deserved some happy news on the scale this morning.

I weighed in at 150.2!  This is the lowest I’ve been since I started Weight Watchers.  Whoop!

That means I’m down a total of 13.4 pounds.  I can’t believe it.

The persistence definitely paid off for the past two weeks.  I really buckled down this past week and tried to avoid dipping into my extra weekly points as much as possible.  I have 49 extra points and have been eating between 40-45 extra of them a week.  This past week, I had 22 left.  That may have made the difference.  Who knows.

This is, of course, super motivating. 

Too bad the PT lady says no land exercising for me for the next four weeks.  My eval yesterday was great, but I really have my work cut out.

Time to get to the pool!

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