Meet My Owl: Hoot bling

Today’s owl is a piece of jewelry that I received as a dissertation gift last semester!

Our dear friends John and Annette gave this to me the weekend I defended.  I wasn’t even graduated and people were already giving me owls.  I didn’t even know that THEY knew how bad my owl problem really is- I try to keep it away from my non-ODU peeps, so it must be pretty bad now.


A few things I notice about this picture:

  1.  My dissertation made my knuckles wrinkly.  When did I get old lady fingers???
  2.  My hair is getting long!  It’s past my hand.
  3.  I must be losing weight because my wedding ring is shifting around.

Anyway, this is one of the owls I really haven’t worn a lot this year because I’ve been stuck in turtlenecks all winter.  It’s been a point of many conversations lately!






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