Surviving PT: Day 2

I got the bright idea to wear my heart rate monitor to PT this time so I can see how many calories I’m burning.  I have the type that has the chest strap so it’s accurate.  I’m always a little suspicious of the wrist only monitor.  Anyway, in one hour and 15 minutes I burned 316 calories!  Heather is no joke!!!

This time around, she decided to start me on the elliptical for 10 minues.  My job was to increase the resistence every minute and get to the hardest point of resistence (with comfort) for 2 minutes.  After getting a good warm up, she said, “let’s move to the table so I can check your hips”. 

She checked me out and I was still in alignment, so I was hoping for a massage.  I know, wishful thinking.  A girl can dream. 

Instead, she said, “while we’re here, let’s go ahead and do the bridges, but this time for 15 seconds at a time”.  WHAT?!  You tricked me, Heather.  You want me to start off this madness with 100 lifts for 15 seconds at a time?!  (eyes narrow) 

Words can’t describe the burn.  At one point, she came by, leaned over, and said, “beach body” and walked away.  Either she’s perky evil all of the time or the pregnancy hormones have sent her over the training edge.

The exercises for this session were much like the last ones:

  • Thighmaster move with the band
  • step balancing (although I’ve been told that next time it’s going to be squatting off of a higher step)
  • band balancing on one leg in all four directions (I’ve also been told I’ll be standing on a foam disk to do this soon)
  • balance board
  • ankle proximity on the tipping board
  • the one legged squats to the front, side, back, etc

We ended the session by going to the other side of the facility, which houses all of the heavy equipment.  I thought I was going to be put on a spring weight machine, but instead, I get this:



That’s right- the slide board.  Old school  hockey training equipment.  Don’t be fooled by this simplistic piece of slippery equipment.  It put me in my place, real quick!  I could not push myself off each side to save my life.  Of course, Heather is all crouched in a ski-squat in front of me growling, “push off, push off”.  If I didn’t see her cute baby bump poking out, I could have reached out and strangled her as I slide past her.  Either way, it was the coolest retro thing I’ve ever done at PT.  I informed her that my new quest in life was to conquer this slide board.

When I got home, I rewarded myself with additional band exercises and started up a new dress for myself!

This fabric was another steal off of the $2/yard table.  It’s a little dark for summer, but I love the funky pattern with the birds.  I know, it would be better if it had owls, but these birds are a quirky second in my book.  I sewed while Kevin watched the Stanley Cup and will probably finish it tonight. Yay for $4 summer dresses!

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