Surviving PT: Day 3

PT was pretty different on Day 3.  We didn’t do as many of the yoga bridges (I’d mentally prepared myself for 100 of them and she only asked me to do 20), I did some more hip work, and I found out that my slouching over the weekend is bad for my hips.

Apparently, when I slouch or sit on floors, my lower back gets uncomfortable because the disks in my lower spine are overcompensating and pushing out.  Because my hips are weak, my pelvis moves around too.  Hence, my lower back felt like it needed a major pop! when I went in yesterday.  I knew my hips were out of whack because my lower back didn’t feel like that at all last week after Heather put them back into alignment.

I have a new exercise that I have to do now to help that area stay supported- yoga cobras!  Yesterday, I did these on a table while Heather pushed my lower back in to get the disks to move back in, rather than pushing out.  It took about 10 minutes of this up and down, breathe in and out mess before I finally felt the pressure go away. 

Right after we got that straight, she put a band around my legs and instructed me to start doing lunge walks around the room and squats from side to side.  Because I couldn’t do this without pushing my sass out, I had to keep my back supported.  It was hilarious!

This little side action cost me an additional 20 minutes of work on my ankles and knees, which landed me in there for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  I was a little sweaty when I left!  On a funny note, one of my past students was doing his internship at the site, so he was my tech helping out.  It was neat to see him!

Now I need to find a way to do my cobra pushups every two hours when I am at work.  This should be interesting!


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