Surviving PT: Day 4

Who hurts herself DURING a PT session?  This girl. (raises hand)

After a few PT sessions, I guess Heather was feeling like I needed a challenge.  Insead of the usual 10 minute warmup on the eliptical, she suggested I try the treadmill with an incline.  How high, I ask her.  Oh, try it to the point of comfort, she says.  I get to level 4 incline and I’m feeling okay.   I chill there for awhile.  Then, the assistant comes by and suggests I try a half level higher.

Well, hello, knee.  Yes, I feel your familiar pain.  I’ve hurt myself again.  argh!!!

So, I put the incline back down again and stop walking.  Heather is concerned and takes me over for examination, telling me that she can’t believe my knee was so quick to hurt again and makes a comment about my ankle stability and my hip flexion.  Oh well.

After a few minutes, I’m feeling better so we head over to do some of my balancing exercises.  As soon as I get to my left leg, my knee pain is back.  I’m definitely hurt.

This completely messes with the groove of my appointment.  Instead of doing my normal routine, Heather decides it’s better for me to focus on my hip stregth and decides to try some new torture, er, activities.

Like this…you start with your feet on the ball and then lift your butt.  All the while, the ball is rolling around.  Oh, I forgot she wants me to hold my butt up for 15 seconds each time.  Evil.

My little knee mishap cuts my appointment down to 45 minutes instead of the hour and thirty I normally am in there for- a blessing, but also a major dissapointment.  How am I supposed to get better if I’m hurting myself during PT???

As a side note,  I looked up Heather online to see what she’s all about.  Yep, I’m stalking my physical therapist.  I like to know the people I trust with my bodily well-being.  What did I discover?  She’s done an Ironman triathalon.  No wonder this girl is a maniac.  You couldn’t pay me to do one of those.  Want to learn about her too?  See here.  Don’t be fooled, she may be cute, but she’s tough.

On a side note, I ate pretty badly this weekend, so I’m not looking forward to weigh in on Wednesday.  Not sure if it’s because of the knee and being bummed out about that or if I just had a weekend of not caring.  For the next two days, I’m upping the water and eating as clean as possible!


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