Surviving PT: Day 9

This week’s PT was a bit of a surprise.  I had done a really good job for the past week on my at-home exercises and workouts.  I’m not overdoing it- in fact, I’ve actually cut back on my cardio to a walking DVD.  Imagine my dissapointment when my knee started hurting on Sunday afternoon.  Not AGAIN!

I was pretty paranoid about going in for PT.  The last thing I need is to reinjure myself a week before I’m supposed to be released.  So I told Heather and she looked at me and said, “we can’t keep chasing pain- if this continues, I’m sending you back to your doctor”.  Nooooooo

Thankfully, she did an examination after my 10 minute elliptical and decided that it looked to be more of a combination of tendonitis on the front of my knee (as opposed to the side hurting before) and a very tight fascia in my upper leg. If you don’t know what fascia is, it’s sort of like a tissue that connects around your muscles and bones.  I don’t know alot about anatomy, but that’s how I understand it.

Gone are the days when I longingly wished for a massage.  No, not after the calf muscle massage, I’m over that.  I was so distracted by Heather’s growing bump that I didn’t realize I’d agreed to a massage and she was hovering over me with her jar of cream.

What commenced for the next 5 minutes was even worse than my calf massage that lasted 30 minutes.  Tight fascia is no joke people.  She warned me that it would hurt like hell and I would be bruised.  I started sweating immediately and my leg is a mess.  I took pictures so you could all see and then changed my mind about posting them for fear that people would think Kevin beats me.  It’s that bad.  Come see me at work if you are with me here at ODU and I’ll show you.

The good news is that I really don’t have a hurt knee.  I have tight fascia that is pulling on my knee cap.  The bad news is that I have to manually massage this area and it’s really bruised and tight.  I can wait a couple of days, according to Heather, but I have to get back to it because you can’t stretch fascia like you can with muscles.  It has to be manually manipulated.

So I’m interested to see what she does with my next week.  It’s supposed to be my last visit.  Will she keep me on for an every other week cycle or let me go?


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