Back in the saddle…

I’ve had a nice, relaxing summer, but it’s time to get back to work.   No classes and no teaching load makes for a very spoiled me.

This fall, I’ve been asked to teach an assessment course for K-12 teachers in the graduate program for ODU’s teacher preparation folks.  Ha!

What do I know about K-12 assessment?  Nothing.  What do I know about assessment?  Enough to figure out K-12 assessment.  It’s actually pretty interesting because the text focuses on making the student a partner in the assessment process.  Too bad we don’t see that in higher education.

Did I mention the class is completely online?  After my hybrid course in the spring with 130 students, I vigorously agreed to teach 25 grad students online.  Piece of cake.   All I have to do is create the IDEAL online course.   Not so much cake.  Or a piece of it.

What I’m doing is basically taking one online class that is too “correspondence” and one online class that is trying to be a live class and make the perfect online class from the two.  Thank goodness I have 5 weeks to get this straight.  12 modules.  5 weeks.  I can put a pretty big dent in that.

Or so I thought.  It took me almost 3 hours this morning to make heads and tails of these two instructor’s syllabi.  I had to create my own calendar and move things around.  Fall break.  Thanksgiving.  Both must be considered when developing the content.

Thankfully, I have some content I can pull from each course so I’m not completely reinventing the wheel.  It’s more like I’m resanding the wheel to make it roll a little easier.  Easier said than done.  I’m averaging about 5-6 hours for each module.

Kevin took a picture of me working today.  I’m in full effect here- scrunchie in the hair, pop on my desk to keep me hyped up, and my trusty headset to record audio for my lectures.  I know.  It’s pretty smooth.


As a side note, my roma tomatoes are really starting to come out in the garden.  I’ve enjoyed several caprese salads this week and weekend. I like mine with goat cheese as an alternative to mozzarella.   The basil is from my garden as well.  The plants are coming back in full force since my murderous pruning rampage a month ago when I made the pesto.  I love basil.  It just keeps producing, no matter how much I cut it back!  Doesn’t this look amazing?

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