Wednesday Weigh In and life update

I was about *this* close not to weighing in today.  I figured I’d be up to my 148.8 or whatever it was that I’ve been yo-yoing around for the past month.  Up one week, down another, up again, down again.  Argh!

But, I forced myself to do it and was rewarded with a new number on the scale- 146.6!  That is a .6 loss.  Finally, maybe my plateau is over.

That means that since the beginning of March, I’ve lost 17 pounds total.  I can’t believe it.  It’s been so slow going.

Life has been pretty crazy for the past several weeks.  I’m teaching two classes in the fall and have been working like crazy on the weekends to get ready. Thankfully, one of the classes is a class I taught in the spring, so I don’t have to do a lot with that one and I’m ready.  The K-12 class on the other hand, has been a beast.  I’ve gotten halfway through the modules.  I hope to finish at least two more this weekend, maybe three if I can really hustle.  I guess it depends on the hurricane and our power situation if things get extreme.

I can’t believe Monday is the first day of class.  Where did the summer go?

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