I’m actually going to the gym

Can you believe it?!  Here’s the scoop.

So I am definitely a bodily basket-case. Thankfully, I have a new Heather in my life.  Her name is Cori and she was sent to me from the weight-training gods.  She promises not to make me bulky and is patient with my persistent questioning.

And, get this.  I sent her my blog to read.  I KNOW!  Why would I do this?  Well, it’s another layer of responsibility for me.  Plus, maybe it will help her to read my accounts from working with Heather for two months this summer.

Cori, welcome to the blog.  I promise to play nice and not say nasty things about you.  I may grumble though.  Ha!

So here are the deets about Cori and me working out together.  I have 12 visits with Cori, which is hilarious because after the first 2 visits, it is clear that I will probably need re-evaluation and have to see her forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but it feels that way right now.

I have seen Cori 4 times now and I am pleased to announce that I have not regressed yet into my normal injury pattern.  We meet twice a week after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I hop on the ellipical while I’m waiting for her to arrive.  She teaches a class before we train, which I thought would be too much for her, but no.  Cori bounces up like she just took a springtime swim in the creek and is happy to see me.  After an hour of her class (I’ve SEEN these poor souls through the window of the studio), I’d be crawling to my car.

The name of the game with Cori is low weights and don’t do anything stupid to get hurt.  I can live with this motto.  My knee hurts almost every day, but I’m working through it because she has convinced me, or perhaps I’ve convinced myself, that it is just my muscles learning how to grow and be normal muscles.

She is also teaching me how to learn the difference between pain and burn.  And, I’m learning how to recognize when something hurts when I’m hurt.  So far, I’ve just managed to come off as a paranoid hypochodriac, but I am learning.  It’s very hard when you have been injured nonstop for two years straight.

Things I enjoy about the gym:

  1. I feel like I’m doing something just for showing up.  Although I’m starving and ready to go home, I feel accomplished that I didn’t detour to my car and send Cori a pitiful text to bail out of training.
  2. The people-watching is at a supreme level.  You know how I love to people-watch.  I can get on my ellipitcal for my requisite 15 minutes and zone out on some good action.
  3. It’s motivating to be around people who are functioning at a higher level than myself.  Granted, Cori has the body I would kill for, but I’m convinced that somehow she is superhuman and a small part of me thinks I’ll never get there because I’m missing some genetic marker that she was blessed with at birth.  However, seeing other normal people like me doing things like JUMPING and sweating and not in pain is very motivating.  I can get there people.  And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll look like Cori by May of next year without blowing my knee out.
  4. The gym makes me forget about all of my other responsibilities for an hour.  For someone like me who ALWAYS has something to do, this is a godsend.  Me, not thinking about ANYTHING but Cori for an hour. No classes, no homework to grade, no dinner to convince hubby to cook, no laundry, no family issues to manage, no renovations at the Hall Hacienda.  It’s just ME.  That is a foreign concept.

Things I do not like about the gym:

  1. The germs.  Cori, please tell me I can start bringing my own spray when people start coughing up in there like it’s the next plague upon us.
  2. Seeing people who are better off than I am.  Yes, it is motivating, but it’s also a constant reminder that I may never get back to what I was before I neglected myself into this situation.  I have to moderate myself on this and not get frustrated. 

So there you go.  A new training saga begins.  Maybe the third time this year will be a charm.






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