PT update and a moment of silence for the fish…

I’ve been really busy for the past week!  Here’s the latest…

My gym time with Cori continues to be beneficial.  Props to Cori for not letting me hurt myself.  I have come to the conclusion that I really should NOT be allowed to exercise unsupervised right now.  My concept of pain and injury is still not that great- during and after exercise.

We have been having a great time during my sessions!  I feel like a major whiner sometimes.  She has a good sense of humor about it.  I heart Cori.  Not just because she reads my blog.  Because she is really, actually helping me.  I have been at this now for over a month and I haven’t hurt myself to the point of being laid up for three months.  This is unprecedented.  I have been in this cycle of injury/rest for the past two years, so this is really exciting for me.

Today, I hurt.  I’ve sort of come to expect this now.  There’s a line of pain and soreness that I ride.  It’s all good.

I wanted to share something exciting from last Thursday’s session.  We have discovered that part of my problem may be the circular motion of my knee since it’s really weak.  Cori suggested we try the Stairmaster.  I KNOW!  It’s 80s-tastic but I was willing to do anything.  I used to run on the Stairmaster back in the day.  I was one of THOSE people, hopping on, running for 30 minutes, and then hopping off like nothing happened.  What the heck!

Now, I’m sort of hopping on, panting for 5 minutes and then hoping my heart doesn’t explode.  This pleases Cori to no end because I’m a cardiovascular wimp now and I have to improve on that.  I’m down with it.

I’m also hoping this gives me an 80’s-tastic booty, since that’s what everyone wants when they torture themselves on this device.  Let’s take a look back in time for inspiration…



Okay, so maybe not with the high waisted jeans.  But you have to admit, the ankle bows are pretty hot.

Jordache jeans aside, my booty…or sass, as my husband calls it, CANNOT shrink as a result of this exercising and weight loss.  I hate it when women are all like, “oh my butt is so huge- I have to have no butt at all or I’m a complete failure in life”.  Whatever, people!  I like a little junk in my trunk.  I don’t want to look like a 10 year old.

Onto other news.

So we have only one fish left.  Irene, Moriarty and Watson all died last week.  Kevin and I took a sample of our water up to the fish store on Friday to be tested.  We are going along in our nitrogen cycle.  Too bad I did water changes.  I killed my fish, according to the fish guy.  I should have left the toxic water in the tank since they were used to it. 

Kevin has a new song for me.  Do you remember Flash Gordon’s theme song?  It’s that, but instead he sings, “Fish!  Killlller!”.  Hmph.

After promising my fish guru at the store that I would leave Sherlock’s water alone this week, we headed home to put some more water conditioner in the tank and make sure he lived through the weekend.  He seems to be quite jubilent about his new air bubbler that we purchased as well.  Hopefully, the water tests good this Friday and we can get some more fish.  I feel bad that he is alone now!

I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving.  I need to make sure I’m good about doing my at-home exercises that Cori gave me!

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