More cat drama and a fish update

It’s been a crazy past few days in the Hall Hacienda!

First of all, we have more cat drama.  No, Athena didn’t run away again.  Thankfully.

Nope, it’s the other cat, Nema.  We found out on Friday that she is diabetic.  It’s weird how we found out.  She had been really limping around for about a week and I was starting to get worried that she was arthritic or really sick.  She is 15, after all.  An old lady!  So Kevin took her in and the vet said that muscular neuropathy is very common with diabetic cats.  So almost $400 later, we find out that she is diabetic and stock up on our supplies.  Poor Nema.  She has to get insulin shots twice a day. 

I cried the whole time it was my turn to give her the shot.  It was pitiful.

I spent the whole weekend learning about feline diabetes and am on the hunt for a low carb food for her to eat.  She seems to be walking a little better so I think the insulin is helping.  The jury is still out on whether or not we will test her blood glucose at home.  Type A me says we should and Kevin thinks we should wait.

In fish news, I am happy to update that we have a stocked tank!  Well, mostly stocked.  The PH level of the tank is still a little low, which is not good for my cardinal tetras.  We have to get that in check first. 

In the meanwhile, we got a couple more zebra danios to replace the aforementioned deceased ones.  Now we have three.  Sherlock has two new friends, Watson.0 and Moriarty.0

Then, we decided to get four guppies.  I know, guppies!  They are so much fun and apparently are impossible to kill, according to the fish store.   Here’s what they look like:


Aren’t they pretty?  We have named them too:

  • Turquoise is Curacao
  • Yello is Lemon
  • Tequila Sunrise is Cabo
  • Red Tuxedo is Mr. Daniels

They are a trip!  They like to chase each other up and down the sides of the tank.  It’s almost like they get hyper and start tearing around.  I was a little freaked out this morning when I checked on them because they were all laying on the bottom of the tank.  I guess they sleep!

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