Bathroom renovation fun

If you know anything about the history of the Hall Hacienda, you know the story of the bathroom drama.  Don’t know that drama?  Here, let me fill you in.

When we bought the Hall Hacienda, the majority of the house had to be repainted.  Prior old lady owner loved peach.  Everything was peach.  Everything, except the foil covered bathroom.  Actually, it was a charming gold and silver leaf print wallpaper with ladies in bathtubs.

Not a year later, our pipes blow up under the house.  Unfortunately, we had already started taking the wallpaper down in said bathroom, but the errant pipe was actually in the master bathroom.  This led to the three year renovation of moving all of the plumbing to the attic and demo-ing the master bath into the studs.

Anyway, the first bathroom has sat for these three years in an awkward state of pre-renovation.  No medicine cabinet (just a wall with a hole) and the walls are primed with Kilz.  It is an understatement to say that this main bathroom has been a thorn in my side. 

After much harrassing of Mr. Hall and some thinly veiled threats, he agreed that we needed to take action on this bathroom.

I give you the “before” picture.  Note the peach sink cabinet and the gold “rock” lineoleum floor. (gag)

It really is as bad as it looks.  Then, if you look to the right of the PEACH door, you’ll see the bathtub.

Some other views for you.  It’s a little bathroom.

I can’t even talk about the toilet.

So, the fun begins with the sink removal.  This was nasty too.  It had been painted several times AND it was actually affixed into the wall.  Add that to the list to fix.

Then, the inevitable.  The floor.  It had to be pryed up.  Go on, Mr. Hall!

See that grey under the floor?  That’s the BACK of the floor and the glue attached to the cement slab underneath.  Guess who scraped at that for two hours? (raises hand)

So that’s how we spend Friday- no shopping here.  Here is what it looked like after the scraping and vacuum fest with the shop vac.

This was a major victory and it meant that the tile could go down on Sunday!  But first, Mr. Hall and I wen to the ODU/NSU playoff game.  It was a lot of fun and we tailgated with my bestie, Gretchen and her husband.  We deemed it “leftover” tailgating and noshed on Thanksgiving seconds.

Isn’t Mr. Hall cute?  I like this photo because he didn’t shave and looks a little scruffy.  Mr. Hall is ALWAYS shaved, this is like vacation Mr. Hall.

It was really sunny!  You can tell he was getting some and I was worried I’d have a farmers tan going by the end of the afternoon.

Back to business on Sunday!  Kevin’s dad came over and they tiled the bathroom.  It’s a great white and grey marble tile.  It’s so hard to find tiles that don’t have ANY beige in them.  Here’s the after tile job photo.  It looks a little different than the final product because the grout isn’t in there. We got a silver toned grout, so it will lighten it up.

While Kevin and his dad tiled, I got busy in the front yard.  We live on a cul-de-sac with a bunch of retirees and old people.  They have nothing to do but make their lawn perfect.  We are never home.  We are “that” house.  Sorry, neighbors.  I don’t mean for my leaves to blow everywhere.

Anyway, for FOUR HOURS I raked leaves.  FOUR!  You hear that, Cori?   I lunged, squatted, reached, pulled, and generally worked my butt off.  I even have a blister to prove it.

You can’t see it, but that is 27 bags.  Oh yeah, I worked off my gluttony from Thanksgiving!!!

So what’s next with the bathroom?  Well, Kevin’s going to grout this week.  The wallpaper arrives today.  His dad is going to move the toilet water valve.  My hope is that the bathroom gets DONE this weekend.

I’m excited to have it done.  I’m going with this art-deco inspired vibe.  I hope it’s not too over the top!

Here is a sneak peek of the wallpaper…

Deco: Gray Wallpaper

It’s not the best representation, since this looks more blue to me.  In real life, it’s a gunmetal grey with a slight sheen to the silver.   I’ve probably lost my mind.  But hey, it’s a small bathroom.  You can get away with things like that.

There you go.  The beginning of the bathroom renovation.  Stay tuned for updates!


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