How to: Recycleable luminaries

This Friday, the Hall Hacienda is hosting a soiree with some friends!  As you know, I am always early with my preparations, so I started to get busy this weekend preparing.

I  hate to find my way to someone’s house in the dark, so I decided to make some luminaries for my driveway!

Most people think of luminaries and picture a white paper bag with a candle in the bottom.  Problems with this?  No matter what you do, the bag blows around or the candle blows out because of the decorations being so flimsy.  OR, you have a bag light on fire and burn down your lawn.  All of these scenarios are not good and I am most likely to burn my yard down.

Instead, I like to make my luminaries with glass mason jars!  They are recycleable for yearly use.  I can alot so I have many jars in the garage.

First, gather your supplies.  I got out 12 wide mouth mason jars, a couple packs of votive candles, some sand from my garage, and red velvet ribbon.  I like to use velvet because the ribbon is a little stiffer and holds up if it’s windy outside.


I recommend doing this whole production outside.  The sand gets everywhere.

Start by taking a measuring cup and scooping a cup of sand into each glass.


Then, add your candle into each jar.  I usually shove it in, then swirl and tap the sand around so it gets the candle nice and secure.

I don’t use tea lights, since they are small and tend to get dim.   Votives for me.

Then I take my velvet ribbon and cut a good length for each jar.  Maybe 15 inches or so.

Tie the ribbon around the jar and double knot in the front.  I like mine with the fancy edges, so I pretty up the ends.

Isn’t it pretty?  I love the holidays.

Here are all of my jars, finished and ready to greet my guests when they arrive!  I’ll place 10 up the driveway and then a couple by the front door.



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