Bathroom progress update! Lighting and wallpaper

Over the weekend, I did something I thought I’d never do.  I bought a light fixture off of the internet without seeing it in person.


I’ll explain.

Mr. Hall and I have been mulling over the lighting choices for this bathroom for months now.  Every time we go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, there’s a trip to the lighting aisle.  There are a lot of lights that are nice, but just didn’t have the deco vibe I was looking for.  And for cheap.

Seriously, people, bathroom lighting can become ridiculously expensive quickly.  Especially when you’ve got a large light to replace.

Here is our old light.  Old lady style.

What makes this light horrible, besides the exposed bulbs, which I can imagine in a showgirl’s dressing room, is the fact that the light is the SAME light that was installed when the house was built 40 years ago.

It had to go, especially because we were going to wallpaper in a day.

As you may recall, the bathroom is supposed to have this deco-inspired vibe.  I have the white and grey marble floor and the deco geometric wallpaper in the silver/pewter pattern.  I couldn’t go and get a light that looked out of place. 

We hunted everywhere.  There were a lot of “contemporary” light fixtures at Home Depot and Lowes, but they just didn’t seem right for the new space.

I got desperate.  I started looking online and googled deco bathroom light fixtures.  I love the internet.  So many cool light fixtures out there, but ridiculously expensive when you try for deco style.

Then, I found  It was like the angels were singing just for me.

Besides getting my wallpaper for $20 a roll instead of $80, this may be the best purchase to date on this space.

I found a $375 fixture for $125.  And they were having a 15% off sale.  And there was no sales tax because it was out of state.  And free shipping. 

I paid $112 for it.  Never saw it in person.  Just this photo.

I love the pewter, which is a deeper silver than a chrome or brushed nickel you’d find at Lowes or Home Depot.  I’ve been obsessively tracking UPS since Friday.  It’s supposed to arrive today!

Onto other bathroom news, the wallpaper was a mess of a job.  Not physically messy, but mentally messy.  I selected a new type of paper that allows you to put it up by just pasting the wall so the paper didn’t have to be wet.  It made it so much easier.  The bad part was the pattern on the paper.  It had to match up JUST right.  Here are some shots of the paper application process.

When we put up the first roll, I have to admit I had a small moment of terror with the pattern.  I love it though.  It’s so different.  Very out of the normal for me.

We started over on the entrance wall and moved around the bathtub to the right because of the light fixture.  I didn’t want to take that thing down until the last minute.  Unfortunately, in many houses the wall corners aren’t quite even and ours is no exception.  The pattern started to move down on the wall.  We had to go back and move to the left.  Light came down and we worked by a small utility light, which was clamped on the door frame.  The picture below shows a larger shot of the paper, but it’s an odd lighting situation.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new space.  Still need to hook up the toilet, sink, and lighting.  It’s a little dark since the utility light is just one bulb, but you get the idea.

Kevin is going to get the toilet today.  You know you’re a grownup when you get excited about plumbing.

2 thoughts on “Bathroom progress update! Lighting and wallpaper

  1. Loreta says:

    Lisa; I am SO EXCITED for you!!! I remember experiencing a similar dilemma with a bathroom that I was ‘reviving’!! Your paper looks fantastic and I so love your light fixture!! The economic bonus makes it even more special (for you). I do remember the beginning (of the end) with the water in the hallway and the bathroom hole… etc. I’m so happy for you to be at this point!! Will there be an Open House soon? I remember picking up a new toilet for my bathroom, getting it out of the car, and it was the wrong color. Took it back, got the right color, take it home, it was the wrong size. Took it back and got the right color and size. I said to someone; I’ve had 3 toilets in my car!! They said; Wow! My car doesn’t even have one toilet!!
    Merry Christmas!! to you & Mr. Hall!!

  2. Mae says:

    Did you purchase the wallpaper online or in the store? I am behind on wallpapering trends so the non-wetting wallpaper makes me rethink my current bathroom project. How did it end up? Do you think it was easier to put up the wallpaper than painting? Do tell! We need an update!

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