PT update: it’s going to be awhile…

It’s been some time since I posted about my PT with Cori, so I thought I’d give you all an update.

Things are going well, but SLOW.  I still have some major issues that need to be worked out.  Namely, I have ZERO control over my left leg.  I can’t jump.  And now I have a spasming hip. (sniffle)

Cori is patiently plugging along with me.  I have a to-do list for the holiday break, since I won’t see her for two weeks.  I was supposed to see her yesterday, which was sad.  I even texted her like a crazed stalking person and told her that I missed her.  Seriously, every time my knee makes a twinging sensation, I panic because I know I won’t see her for many, many days.

If you are reading this, Cori, I have an idea for when I am “all better”….a jump jump field trip!  There is a new place that has opened in Newport News and it’s basically a trampoline park indoors.  PLEASE CAN WE GO??????  pleeeeeeeeeeease

Here is the website:

It looks like this inside

It just opened in November.  I think this would be a lot of fun!

If I can really spend the spring semester getting myself rehabilitated and able to jump, then MAYBE  in the summer we can go? 


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