Second day “out on the road”

Another day at a site, another day in the mountains!

Last night was pretty blustery outside and there were a lot of thunderstorms.  I guess that is what has been happening back home too.  It was raining this morning when I woke up and has been pretty overcast all day.  The temperature outside has definitely dropped and I regretted wearing a skirt.

This morning for breakfast I ventured downstairs to see what the breakfast spread looked like.  Holiday Inn Express has a huge breakfast deal that they put out every morning.  I stared at the cinnamon rolls (mmmm ICING) for way too long and responsibly selected a small yogurt, a scoop of the questionable egg substitute, and fixed myself some plain oatmeal with honey drizzled over the top.  It was a good breakfast given my options and got me away from eating Luna bars all week.   I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and headed up to my room.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to check out this morning because the Southwest Higher Ed Center is here in Abingdon and only five minutes away.  I will need to check out earlier tomorrow, since I have an hour drive to get to my next site!

The higher ed center is a beautiful facility located on the same campus as Virginia Highlands Community College.  Over ten other institutions are represented there and it’s easily triple the size of the higher ed center in Virginia Beach.  For lunch, I had my tuna pouch and the apple from the hotel.  I’m behind one bottle of water right now at 4pm.  I ate one of my nut cluster bars on the way back at 2:30 so I will probably catch dinner around 5:30 so I can get to bed earlier.  This hotel has an actual coffee pot in the room so I was able to make hot water for my green tea this morning and took a large tumbler of my lemon tea.  That stuff is delicious cold!  Will probably have another salad for dinner tonight.  There is a Huddle House right next to the hotel, which I have to pass on the way to Wendy’s.  I’ve never been to one before, but it looks like a Denny’s.  It has large window clings that scream, “two can eat for $6.55” and “double bacon burgers with fries”. I don’t need any of that!  I’ll take my chicken salad and value fry over that any day.  Speaking of junk food, I was checking out the large frosty and it has something like 18 grams of fat.  What the heck!

My laptop is pitifully slow.  Another reason why I remembered I’m happy I bought an iMac.  God, this thing is a piece of crap.  It’s a flipping miracle my dissertation didn’t blow this thing up, literally.

I’m not sure how much work I’ll be able to do on this thing, but I’ve got my addictions textbook so it may be that I just need to read and then make the lectures when I get back.  I may also try to disconnect this from the internet at the hotel, since that may be slowing things down.

I enjoyed the amount of people I saw today wearing cowboy boots, especially girls wearing them with skirts.  Maybe I need to get a pair!


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