Day three “on the road”

Today was a long one!  I got up before six so I could do my 45 minutes of exercises-  I’m not slackin, Cori!

Then I had to pack up all of my things into the car so I could get onto the next site.  I had the same thing for breakfast again this morning, which seemed to work well for me yesterday- eggs, yogurt, and the plain oatmeal with honey drizzled on it.  While I’m talking about food, I might as well give you the rundown on my other meals.  It’s not that exciting- the same thing I ate yesterday AND the day before.  I texted Cori earlier this evening and said that I was definitely eating to live this week and not eating for fun.  What I would give right now for some Chipolte or Mr. Hall’s roasted veggies with garlic!

Getting back to my day, I headed out for my hour drive to Cedar Bluff, which is a very mountainous area of the state.  I loved the campus- it was covered in beautiful masonry work.  I was tickled to see a welcome to me on the main marquee sign on the campus.  So hospitable!  Like I said, the campus is very hilly with these HUGE staircases that are practically straight up and down.  Cori would be proud that I hiked up and down those things several time, rather than taking the elevators that connect the buildings!

One of the coolest things on this campus was the amount of masonry work.  The town has a lot of mining so there is all of this amazing slate on the outside of the buildings and everywhere you’ll see amazing stone walls.  There is a local artist who does masonry work and he even sculpts bricks!   There are several buildings on campus where he has done two story murals of brick walls and has chisled animal scenes.  I had no idea you can sculpt bricks!  You better believe I hunted for an owl, but no dice!


The day ended with a two hour drive to Dublin, where I am currently staying.  I had to drive through West Virginia for 10 minutes on the way here  I about fell out when I saw the Welcome to West Virginia sign. You know how I have no sense of direction.  I called Kevin panicking!  Turns out that I had to drive around a national forest.  Whew!


Tomorrow, I am in Wytheville and get to see my dear friend Doug, who is the site director there.  I get to stay in this hotel for three nights, so I actually get to unpack.


Going to get in the tub for another salt balth.  My hip and butt is so jacked up, I  cannot imagine how bad I’d be if I wasn’t taking these soaks every night.


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