Day four “on the road”

I can’t believe that my first week of traveling is almost done!  I am in Dublin tomorrow at New River Community College.  Thankfully, I get to stay at the same hotel for three nights.  I was so happy when I left this morning without having to pack up the car.

Five days in a row at a hotel has taught me a few things about packing.  First of all, the weather has been so crazy this week.  I packed for much warmer weather and then the storms came through and really cooled things off.  In retrospect, I should have packed more cold weather clothes.

Next, I thought I would be more productive at night.  In all actuality, I have been so tired by the time I eat dinner, I cannot get myself focused enough to open a textbook!  I think it is partially from all of the driving and not sleeping the greatest. The beds are okay, but you know how it is- it’s not hom and I am used to Mr Hall being there.  And, I am also used to Athena getting all up in my stuff at night.  I keep waking up thinking that I have a cat and there isn’t one there!

When I go out again, I will probably bring some embroidery.  I am too tired to work on textbooks but I get bored because I am not tired enough to go to bed at 7pm!

I definitely am ready to go home.  I am such an extrovert, being alone for dinner and the evening is killing me!


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