Back at home this week

I didn’t post about day 5 “on the road” because I got a wild hair after my site visit on Friday and decided to drive home!  Yep, even though I was dead tired, I decided to pack it up at 3:30pm and make my way back to Norfolk.  

Thankfully, the hotel didn’t charge me for the late checkout.  Anyway, I called Kevin and said, I don’t think I can do a 5am trip tomorrow.  The last thing I needed was a Saturday morning traffic jam at the tunnels.  If I didn’t get the rental car back by noon, then I would have to pay insane overages and it would be a violation of ODU’s contract with Enterprise.  No, thank you!

So I packed it up, drank a 5-hour energy, and headed home.  It was mostly a peaceful drive, except when I hit rush hour.  After that, it was pretty down hill.  I DID get in a traffic jam in Williamsburg (1 hour) and got to the rental place at 10:30.

Blissfully, I climbed into bed at midnight and was thankful that I didn’t have to get up early.  

Saturday, we ran some errands and went over to see my bestie, Gretchen and the new baby!  Myles is just adorable and totally smells like a new baby.  Love him!  It was nice to relax for an hour with Gretchen and Bill while we talked about the trip and oogled over the baby.

There were more errands to run on Saturday night and Sunday, plus all of that laundry I accumulated from the week.  I was so worn out when I went to work on Monday!  

It’s nice to be home this week.  I’m certainly going to pack more clothes next week in case the weather changes again!

Oh, and on the scale weigh-in…I lost a pound!  I can’t believe I didn’t gain any weight while I was gone.  Can you believe it?  It’s those cherries I keep eating for dessert!  Ha!


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