A short stay in civilization

Today I spent the majority of the day in Lynchburg, which is so full of Liberty University I could barely stand myself!  The Walmart in town even had a separate store for LU wear.  Why can’t ours have ODU stuff in Hampton Roads like that?

The site today that I visited was small, small, small.  Like they are in a trailer small.  I feel so bad for these people, but major props to them for working in such crappy conditions.  I think they are the only site we have in the state that are still in a trailer.

It’s midafternoon now and I just checked into my hotel in Gretna, which was about an hour and some change down the road.  I am near Smith Mountain Lake, which I hear is wonderful.  Too bad for me, I am in the middle of NOWHERE.  This nowhere is even more nowhere than I was last time I was out in the mountains. 

According to my hotel guide, Gretna has a population of 1300 people and encompasses 1.2 square miles.  There’s not even a Wendy’s here people.  Thank goodness I got some food in Lynchburg before I left!

The hotel is NICE.  It’s just a Hampton Inn but it’s brand new and I practically screamed with joy when I saw washcloths, conditioner, and brand new carpet in my room.  It’s the little things.  This hotel also has a breakfast, so I can have something besides a Luna bar tomorrow!

I look forward to spending the evening in my clean-smelling hotel room, working on my class stuff and getting some TV in before bed.  Two more days until I go home!  

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