Stinky hotel rooms

Remember how yesterday I was in the lap of luxury, albeit in the middle of nowhere?  Well, today I checked into my “renovated” hotel in Chester and it’s old people land.

Seriously, I’m in the 80’s timewarp here.  I do think the carpet is new, but the A/C unit is the original I think.  And, this is what gets me… it smells like old people here.  I’m afraid of what I WILL SMELL LIKE when I leave this place tomorrow morning.  Poor Mr. Hall, he’s going to be all excited to see me tomorrow and I’m going to have old people funk on me.  

The good news is that I’m right outside of Richmond, so I’m like 2 hours from home.  If I can get to the tunnel by 4, I’ll be good.  It all depends on how long it takes at the site tomorrow.

Observations on my health and eating this week:

  • I have been doing excellent with my water and I’m getting in at least six bottles of water every day.  That is exactly what I would drink at home (around 96 ounces), so that is a feat given my hours on the road.
  • I have been eating my salmon and apple every day for lunch, which is very good.
  • My dinners have been reasonable as well: Lean Cuisine, canned spinach, and today I had my dreaded Wendy’s salad and a few french fries.  I couldn’t help myself!
  • Breakfast has been either Luna bars or the hotel breakfast.  I have avoided all cinnamon rolls, bagels, English muffins (mmmmmbutter)  and other tasty carbs.
  • I’ve been getting up every morning and doing 45 minutes of my Cori exercises, lunges, leg lifts, and whatnot.
  • Every night, I stretch and take my hot bath with the dead sea salts.  While this has helped tremendously, even as I sit here and type, my hip hurts.  I apologize in advance Cori for what I will look like in another week of this.  Any teeth gnashing, hair pulling, clothes stripping, or arms up in the air is totally warranted and I will not take it personally!  LOL  I know it’s bad because it’s spasming and I can feel it up my obliques.

Super excited to be home tomorrow, then it’s off on Monday again to tour the top part of the state!  I’ll definitely be in civilization, starting in Fredericksburg.  


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