Here we go again!

Hi everyone!

I know, where the heck have I been for the past several months?  I’ve been all over the place!

Honestly, I feel bad about not blogging, but I’ve been so very, very busy.

To summarize, I have been:

  1. Teaching three classes
  2. Developing one class for next semester about addictions.  I almost became an addict to sugar as a result. I have to detox.
  3. Working and finishing up traveling to military sites
  4. Taking care of my mom’s move into a senior retirement community in September
  5. Going to football games- Go Monarchs!
  6. Working my butt off at PT with Cori and on my own at the gym

Seriously, it’s been a nutty semester.  I can’t wait be off for the holiday break.

I came back to the blog and said, where do I start now?  I don’t even know!

Some things that I’ll be getting busy on soon:

  1. Traveling to Chicago the week before Christmas
  2. Getting my house ready for the holidays and hosting two soirees next week
  3. Grading final exams

I don’t want to get into the details, but I’m going to be working on my fitness at a higher level in January.  I “graduated” from PT this week with Cori.  Hollah!  I’m so happy to be at the point where I don’t feel like injury is creeping along behind me after every workout.  After a year of paranoia, it’s actually quite liberating.  Cori thinks I’ve got potential for great improvements, which I’m starting to see myself, so she cut me loose.  I’m so glad that I can say my friend Cori, instead of my trainer, Cori.  Yay!  I’ll be posting my plan soon.

I just wanted to let everyone know I’m alive and well, just winding down from a crazy few months.


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