Making new habits

Hi everyone!

I wanted to pop in real quick and update you on the avocado deal.  It’s actually going really well!

In fact, I had a day last week where I ran out of avocados and used cheese in my omelette.  Within a couple of hours, I had a raging headache.  Coincidence?

Anyway, I’ve discovered that avocados are great for my hungries.  I can eat my omelette in the morning at 8am and I’m usually not hungry until 11:30 for lunch.  Then, I’ve been eating the other half of the avocado around 3pm with a couple of small oranges.  Delicious!

This week, I took my new habits a step further and I’m incorporating the no dairy thing at lunch.  However, I’m also including no grains.  

Why no grains?  Well, I’m allergic to gluten and to bakers yeast.  I know.  It’s not Epi-pen allergic like the cows milk (never had to use the thing though), but it’s bad enough that they both popped on a blood allergy test.  I’ve been doing some reading about avoiding gluten and processed grains and what I’m finding is that people are doing better when they cut out all grains (oats, rice, quinoa, etc.).  So I’m giving that a shot.

Disclaimer:  I WILL eat things when I want, where I want.  This is a choice, not a medical emergency, people.  If I’m out with my peeps and there are nachos to be had, I’m having the damn nachos.  I don’t eat like that all of the time, so if I’m doing this 95% of the time and then enjoying myself the other 5%, then I’m okay with that.  

Getting back to this no grains business.  I decided to baby step my way into this.  I’m forcing Kevin, poor guy, to do this too.  For him, it’s actually sort of necessary since he has an autoimmune disorder and I’ve seen over and over again how processed grains are no bueno for people like him.  Really for me too, since I have Hashimoto’s, but for him even more.

This week, we chose to prepare a crock pot meal for our lunches that is dairy and grain free.  Let’s hear it for mexican pulled chicken!  So delicious and very filling.  I’ve had about a cup and a half to two cups of that at lunch this week and so far so good.  

We are still working on our dinner situation at home, since we have a lot of frozen and stockpiled meals.  As a result, we’ve been eating up things and preparing our kitchen for a different food clientele, if you will.  I’m researching using coconut and almond flour for baking.  This is definitely a shift for both of us.  

This month also marks the first month of working out in my new format and schedule.  I had a couple of days where my knee really hurt and I was like, great, now I have to call Cori and tell her I messed up and hurt myself again. But, I just took a couple days off and it seemed to resolve itself.  I turned my weak ankle once in step class and didn’t hurt myself, so I must be getting stronger.  I have been to three WARM yoga classes and plan to do one more before I transition to hot yoga.  I think I really need the extreme heat to loosen up my poor hip and leg muscles because the warm isn’t doing it for me.  My body pump classes got rescheduled to 4-5pm start times, so I can’t do those now.  I’m going to rethink how I am going to do my weights.  I may do some arm things in the morning and then do legs in the evening at the gym.  Not sure on that yet.

I’ve felt for the past week that I’m swollen.  I think my body isn’t used to such an active schedule. My pants feel tight and I’m sure it’s from not giving my body a break for almost two weeks straight.  I may start doing some dead sea salt baths and see if that helps with the swelling.  If not, I’ll reconsider doing my dry body brushing to see if that will help my lymph system empty.  I enjoy the dry brushing but I’m usually so tired in the morning and night that I slack and don’t do it.  Maybe I need to start doing it when I get home before I change into my jammies.


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