New habits and an update

Just checking in to let you all know how it’s going with my January goals.

Still going good with the avocados every day.  I haven’t gained weight, so I’m a little skeptical of people saying that one a day isn’t good.  Sometimes, I’ve been eating more than that and it’s been okay.  In fact, two people emailed me some recent studies about avocados in the last week, both had positive findings regarding the frequent consumption of avocados and the absorption of vitamins in other foods and cardiovascular health.

The mysterious swelling in my legs and hips went down last week after I took a few days off.  I must have just been overwhelming my body.  I’ve been having a hard time getting up in the morning to exercise, so either I need to go to bed earlier, which is damn near impossible or I need to just suck it up and do it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m such a hibernator in the winter.  In the summer, I have no problem getting up (I’m a morning person usually), but when it’s dark all the time in the winter, I just zzzzzzzz.

I’ve been doing well with my step classes two days a week (Sunday and Monday).  Hot yoga once a week has been good too.  Actually, it’s been warm yoga, but I start back up with the hot yoga tonight.  I need the hot room, I’ve discovered.  It’s not hot enough in the warm room for my hips to stretch and I’m not getting the relief I was hoping for in that muscle release.  Tonight, I have my first hot yoga class, so that will be the test.  I had to buy a new yoga headband because I can’t find my old purple one that I loved.  This time, I got a happy yellow one.  I figure it will give me something to focus on in poses while my eyes fill up with sweat!

Set a new goal this week to try one new recipe a week.  My friend, Cori, themes her actions for the year and this year she chose Discover as her theme.  That inspired me to look at my complacent life and routines.  One thing that I can do differently is to be more curious about food and how I prepare my meals.  To that end, I’ve decided to try one new recipe a week.

This week, I decided to try a crock pot recipe with coconut milk, mangos, and chicken.  It looked delicious on the blog when I read about it.  It’s basically a can of coconut milk, a pound of chicken, a couple mangos, and a tablespoon of chipotle flakes.  I had a carton of coconut milk so I used that and red pepper flakes instead.  I cubed the chicken and let it go for about 4 and a half hours in the crock pot.

The verdict?  It’s okay.  Not as sweet as I had hoped for.  I think that I should have used the full fat canned coconut milk that is a little thicker than the boxed variety.  I think the consistency of the milk would have helped too with the final outcome.  Mine was pretty watery, rather than milky looking like the photo online.  I may have also used some less ripened mangos, just because mine were ripe and I think not as stable.

All in all though, it’s got the makings for a good recipe and I’ll eat it for lunch this week.

My task is now to start researching for recipe for next week.

There is a great website I’ve found called Punchfork.  It’s almost like FoodGawker, but on Punchfork, you can sort by if you are vegetarian or Paleo, gluten free, etc.  I like being able to sort because then I don’t get tempted by other recipes.

I’m leaning towards making a stew or soup next week for my lunches.  I need to start freezing things like that again.

Back to the hot yoga, I’m planning on going two times a week now for the next couple of weeks.  I have some plans for February- more on that soon!


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