Superbowl Sunday fun and some new recipes!

Mondays are rough, but there is something special about dragging yourself out of bed the day after a Superbowl party.  I think I fell asleep half on my stomach and half on my side.  Good times.

Getting back to the game, we had a feast at Cori’s house with a few other couples.  So much fun!  Cori and I came up with a menu of gastric proportions, which kept us busy and the guests fed well.  There was delicious wine, a blue drink that I will forever refer to as fishbowl, and some down dogs in the hallway.  I can’t even explain.  At the end of the game, Cori and I were on the floor, giggling uncontrollably about finishing thoughts, chewing straws, and a sangria recipe in a box cooler.  It was great fun.

I am happy to report that I used this as an opportunity to try some new recipes, keeping with my weekly recipe challenge!

The first thing I tried were two wing sauce recipes.  One was the tequila lime marinade from Guy Fieri, but that didn’t turn out so well- I’m not sure why.

What did turn out pretty well was the coconut siracha sauce recipe.  Check it out to see the directions and a photo of what it looks like.  It’s basically a can of coconut milk and siracha sauce (along with some other easy ingredients), simmered on the stove, and then once thickened, added to the wings.  Instead of baking the wings, we fried them and it turned out pretty well.  The best part is that it was gluten free, dairy free, and pretty flavorful.

As the recipe stands, it was spicy in the pot, but then it mellowed out.  The wings tasted more like coconut than spicy.  I would add more siracha next time, but my dahling Gretchen should probably leave it as the recipe suggests.

After working with the canned coconut milk, it is abundantly clear to me that my failed mango coconut chicken recipe was entirely due to me using coconut milk in a box, rather than a can.  I need to do that recipe over again.  Heck, I may even try this wing sauce recipe but in the crock pot.  Let’s get crazy!

I also tried a new dip recipe, a jalapeno popper dip bake.  It was delicious.  Cheesy, spicy from the peppers, and it really tasted like poppers.  I couldn’t believe it.  The boys scarfed it down and there was just a little left.  Cori declared that this should be my signature dip for parties.  I agree whole-heartedly!  This is hands down a super easy recipe and you can find it anywhere online.  I used Ritz crackers for the crust on mine and they didn’t get soggy.  We also used scoop tortilla chips, which worked well.  The only thing about this recipe is that you have to mix the ingredients with two packs of cream cheese.  I had to use my hands to mix everything and it really was a mess.  This seemed to be the best method for the task.  Also, when you see mayo in the recipe, I subbed sour cream for the mayo and it didn’t alter the recipe negatively at all.  Yay!

I didn’t bother to weigh myself this morning.  I’m pretty sure I gained a couple pounds.  But it was SO worth it.

I have relatives coming to visit this weekend, so I have a ton of work to do on the house this week.  I am going to skip yoga as a result the next few days to try and get some things done.  I also have a class meeting online tonight, which I almost forgot about- oops!  I’m two weeks behind in my coupon clipping too.  For shame.   I gotta get my groove back.

New yoga routine next week- I’ll do another post to explain soon!


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