Step two of “The Plan”

As you will recall, part of my post-PT plan is to increase my physical activity.  In January, I started going back to hot yoga a couple of days a week.  This has proven to be incredibly beneficial for me.  Things I have noticed since I started adding this practice to my step classes:

  • My back pain has improved (except when I have more than three days off- then I’m a crunchy mess)
  • My IT band is loosened and my knee isn’t hurting as much (except when I have more than two days off- then I’m back to square one)

When I realized these two things a couple of weeks ago, I made a decision.  It was time to ramp up my yoga practice.  But how?  I have only a few more punches left on my 10 class pass at the studio I’m currently attending.

Then, fate stepped in.  A fate called Groupon.

A new studio has opened up right down the street from my house.  As most new businesses do, they wanted to drum up business in the form of a Groupon.  One month, unlimited classes for $30.  Yes, please.  It gets better.  On their website, they have a month introductory special for one month of unlimited classes for $50.  So I purchased both.

That makes two months of unlimited classes for $40 a month.  This will probably never happen again, but I had to do it.

So here’s the skinny on the studio.  It’s a Bikram yoga studio, which is still hot yoga but I’ve learned it is a sequenced yoga class.  Probably won’t be as hippy-ish as my current studio and my beloved Sandra.  There are 26 poses that you go through in a 90 minute class, two times each.  Yes, 90 minutes.  This is 15-30 minutes more than I’m used to.  The poses are similar to what I already do, which is good.



The cool thing about this studio is that they open their room up 30 minutes before class and leave it open for 30 minutes afterwards.  I’m thinking this will be a good opportunity for me to do my down dog poses and other poses that I enjoy.  That way, I can still work on things but have the structure of the regular Bikram pose sequences.  Part of me thinks that I may like this set sequence better.  I’ve been to some classes where we spend 15 minutes breathing and all I want to do is stretch or work on a challenging pose.  This will provide me with some consistency, and structure, for a Type A girl.

So the plan is to start on Wednesday.  It’s been over a week since I’ve been to hot yoga.  I WOULD PAY Cori good money to take me back and rub my hip right now.  Or my neck.  Or my back.  I’m a hot mess.  Ha! Get it?  Hot yoga mess!

Seriously, it’s time to go back.

I’ll be starting my first day on Wednesday this week.  I’m hoping that I don’t hate it, especially since I paid for two months without even setting foot into the studio.  But, sometimes, the universe intervenes.  So I go where I see opportunity.  Perhaps there is a reason for all of this.

This brings me back to step 2 of “The Plan”.  I’ve started to baby step the changes in my diet, so now it’s time to up the exercise.  My plan is to try to go 5 days a week.

FIVE DAYS A WEEK?!  Am I crazy?

Why, yes.  I probably am.  Most likely.  But you know me.  Go big or go back to Cori.  LOL

This week, I plan to do 4 days.  Yes, that means I’ll be kicking it in a yoga studio on Valentines Day.  After almost 15 years, Mr. Hall is used to this.  I’ll just be coming home, a sweaty mess.  Hope he doesn’t have anything romantic planned!  We don’t really do a lot for Valentine’s Day anyway.  It’s a bunch of commercialized woo-hoo in my opinion.  Mr. Hall had better be telling me I’m special every day, not once a year in February, right?  We do have our little routines though.  I make him a construction paper valentine (and have for 14 years without fail, which he keeps in his Jeep) and he usually cooks me a nice meal.

Getting back to this crazy train idea.  So it starts this Wednesday.  I figure this will all be excellent fodder for the blog.  You can hear about how this was a raging success or watch me slip into insanity.  Feel free to take bets now on how long I can do this for because I’m honestly not sure either.  I just feel like I HAVE TO DO THIS.

In other news, I’m trying to decide what my new recipe for the week should be- something new or redo one of my failed recipes?



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