Surviving Bikram yoga: Day 2

Two days down!  I’m so happy I went yesterday.  I really needed the heat of the room.   My knee was sort of hurting yesterday afternoon and now it feels amazing.

The class last night was taught by the owner of the studio.  She is a quiet, enthusiastic person who won me over immediately.  I realized during the class that the dialogue is pretty much the same, but everyone brings in their own personalities to the class as the instructor.  She was a calming person, but pushed firmly for people to move beyond their comfort zone.  I noticed she also cued people to breathe in and out of their noses, rather than mouth breathing, because that can cause people to start feeling like they are hyperventilating in the heat.  I did that and didn’t get nauseated or feel dizzy like I had my first day.

In fact, I didn’t sit down until almost the end of the standing postures.  There is a standing back bend at that point and for some reason, it makes me feel nauseous.  I’m going to see if that is the case again today.

The room was not as busy last night, since it was Valentine’s day.  I’m pretty sure it was just as hot but maybe having less people in there made it more bearable.  She didn’t open the door either and I made it through.  I also forgot my washcloth at home so I literally went the entire class without wiping any sweat off my face or body.  I survived, but my eyes really burned in some of the poses!

I also noticed that I was more flexible yesterday with some of the floor poses, particularly with the bow pose.

bow pose


Bow pose, or Dhanurasana, is a spine flexibility pose.  I like the owner’s style of dialogue because she also interjected what the pose does for your body and how it is restorative or strengthening.  Cori can attest, I’m always asking why something is good or why are we doing something in PT.  Getting this explanation in class was very motivating.  Why yes, I’d like a supple spine.  Who doesn’t want a better poop? It massages your internal organs too.  It also strengthens your legs and butt.

The first day of class, I couldn’t get my arms back to grab my feet.  Yesterday, I surprised myself by getting a firm grasp on my ankles and pulled back with ease.  Granted, I wasn’t pulling way up or anything, but I was doing it.  One class, in less than 24 hours.  Amazing.

Perhaps I will reflect on one pose a day for a while.  That will help those of you too who are curious about Bikram yoga to learn about it through my pose reflections.

I came home a hot mess again last night.  Poor Mr Hall has to literally help me peel out of my yoga clothes!  I’ve started to enjoy a shower at night so I can sleep in a little longer in the morning.  And, I lose another half a pound overnight.

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