Sometimes, your body tells you something loud and clear

Today is a non-yoga day and I am a little sad.  But I’m excited to go to step class and see how I do after 4 days straight of Bikram.  I’ve heard that runners notice a difference in their stamina and whatnot after practicing Bikram so perhaps I will notice a difference in my step class.  I’m still a little over a month on two risers, so I’d consider myself a beginner at this two riser thing.

I have a confession to make.  I’m still weighing myself every day.  I know that is probably not surprising since I told you that I was planning on continuing it, but I haven’t been doing much updating on my weight because nothing is really happening.

Until I stepped on the scale this morning.  

Sometimes, your body tells you something loud and clear.  Today, after two days of cheat meals in a row I gained four pounds.  FOUR POUNDS.  

What did I eat?  Cheese.  Bread.  Pizza.  

Gluten intolerance much?  My body is telling me loud and clear, I can’t eat these things.   After my normal workweek meals of gluten free and dairy free eating, this is a clear message that I can’t do these things.  IT IS NOT NORMAL to gain four pounds in a matter of 48 hours.  

Plus, I woke up this morning with goopy eyes and a swollen face.  This is classic allergic reaction for me (usually for pollen, but it’s too cold out for that right now), so I know that the food I ate did me in.

Welp, lesson learned.  And I hear you, body.  I’ll lay off the allergy stuff and keep it to a minimum.

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