Surviving Bikram yoga: Days 7 and 8

I was so busy this weekend, I didn’t have time to post about days 7 and 8!

Thursday night was a struggle for all, but I felt really strong.  It wasn’t that the room was that hot, but it seemed difficult for me.  I had a little bit of a headache too.  I think it may be due to the fact that it was my second week of practice and my body wasn’t used to being strained so frequently.  I’m hoping that if I am hitting some sort of physiological wall, things will improve soon and my body will get on board.  I don’t feel like I’m overtraining.

I wasn’t able to go on Friday because I was in Richmond all day for a work engagement, so that was a bummer.  I felt, especially after driving over three hours in a tiny Chevy Spark, like my back was about to snap in half.  I wish they had late classes on Friday nights.  I could have used the heat!

Kevin was out of town Friday night, so I went to bed really early (like 9pm) and got up nice and early for the 8am class.  I was happy to be up at 7am the next morning and ready for the 8am class.  I like to get there 30 minutes early and the sun was coming in through the front studio windows.  It was very peaceful.  I always think I’m going to be alone and then a ton of people show up with five minutes to spare.  It was a busy class, great energy, and I felt very accomplished afterwards.  I have some new yoga shorts I got from Marshall’s and it makes such a difference not having a ton of wet fabric on your legs when you practice!  Pong was great that morning and gave us some good tips on alignment.  I like her a lot.

One pose I was really focusing on in these two classes was the Balancing Stick pose, or Tuladandasana.  This seems like an easy pose, but it’s not!



This is one of the most invigorating postures in Bikram yoga because it’s supposed to simulate a heart attack because you have your chest parallel to the floor.  It’s only held for 10 seconds.  The key with this pose is to stretch forward with your arms and at the same time, point your back toe and stretch your leg back to the back wall.  The entire time you have to keep your abs tight and your entire body horizontal.   It’s quite challenging and great for balance work!

Sunday was another step class at the gym.  I felt really tired but my legs were strong in class.  I rolled my ankle twice, which scared me. I really need to get new shoes.  I re-laced them tighter and that helped.

This week, I plan to up my practice by one day, so I’ll be going five days this week.

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