Surviving Bikram Yoga: Day 17

The shorts were a success!  They sort of rode up during class but I didn’t feel the need to tug on them and it made such a big difference to not have wet fabric loose on my legs.  The only thing that I noticed a difference on was eagle pose because my heel didn’t have any fabric to rest on, so I did tug it down a little for that.  Now I know why people wear tiny yoga briefs to class.  It really is better.  I also noticed an improvement in my floor postures because I was able to easily move from my front to back in between postures because the fabric was a little slippery.

Al taught last night and he definitely has a different style of dialogue.  He likes to clap his hands to enunciate postures, which is startling but at the same time good to wake your brain up to action.  Al is the first person I ever took a Bikram class with and I haven’t seen him since that first day.  He gave me a couple of adjustment suggestions and really took the time in class to explain how each posture creates a situation where the blood flow is cut off to a certain area of the body during the posture and then how healthy blood goes into that joint or whatever.  It was pretty interesting.

I didn’t really work on a specific posture last night.  Earlier in the session, Al was talking about how each posture has an area of the body that you should be activating and one area of the body that you should be relaxing.  I’d never heard that before in class, so I paid attention to that for the entire class.  He said that it also is important to realize how not relaxing the area of the body is tied to your breathing.  Without calm breathing in and out of your nose during the posture you are not relaxing your body in the places it needs to relax.  Makes you think.

So tonight I’m off to class again with Aimee and I’ll focus on that again.

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