This is when you know you’ve gone off the deep end….

I might be obsessed.  It’s truly possible.   For those of you who know me well, you will not be surprised by this post.

Exasperated, perhaps.  But not surprised.

I have been like a crazy woman with this Bikram yoga clothing situation.  Realizing that my fate is inching closer to wearing underwear to class, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect shorts.  My new Nike compression shorts are great, but I NEED real hot yoga shorts!

Here is an example of a standard hot yoga short which is made by companies like Mika and Shakti.  They are anywhere from $35-$48 dollars a pop.


You will notice that these are almost like bikini briefs, but the bottom is fully covered.  The side cinching can be taken down for a more traditional boy short.  But the beauty of these shorts is the side cinching.  This is what allows you to avoid the pinching of the leg by your shorts and it gives you a better feeling of mobility during class.

This is where it gets crazy.  I think to myself, I can make these.  They are basically hot pants with side cinching.  It can’t be that hard.

So I take to the interwebs again and hunt for these shorts.  There is no pattern to be found.  I look on yoga boards, dance boards, sewing boards, vintage boards, etc.  It must be the best kept secret because there is no pattern anywhere.  Anywhere!  I even try Etsy, thinking someone would have something there.  Nope.  But do you know what I did find?  People selling their own versions of these shorts.  Dammit!

I’ve never sewn anything with stretchy fabric before.  I’ve never sewn pants before.  But I think I can do this.

I even looked for swimsuit patterns with boy shorts and didn’t find anything outside of children’s sizing.  And the one pattern I did find with boyshorts was too high cut on the butt.  That’s the whole point of these shorts.  They go down low, providing good butt coverage so they won’t ride up.

This obsession has consumed me.  It’s all I’m thinking about.  I can’t justify spending at least $40 on these shorts.  I need to make them myself.  Heck, if I am actually good at it, I could probably sell them myself.  Take that, interweb!

So here is now where things get a little cray cray.  I don’t know how to make a pattern.  I’m skilled enough to know how to read one, but I can’t buy a pair of shorts, deconstruct them, and then make a pattern out of it.  What is a girl to do?


Yes, I’m actually in the process of emailing a seamstress who advertised on Craigslist to see if she will make me a pattern.  She just moved here from LA, has a great portfolio online, and seems hip.  She also does private sewing lessons.  Maybe I can get her to make the pattern and then help me sew the first pair.

It’s nuts.  The whole thing is nuts.

I’ll keep you posted.  This is about to get interesting.


One thought on “This is when you know you’ve gone off the deep end….

  1. I would gladly pay for a pair of these as bathing suit shorts. Let me know if you go into business or like your new seamstress, cause I would love to meet someone who could make me some clothes that fit!

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