Surviving Bikram yoga: Day 18

I didn’t end up going to yoga on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday last week.  I was just too sick.  Or barely sick.  It was the worst.  Finally, I got up Saturday morning, feeling better but still runny nosed and headed to class.

I asked Aimee about her opinion on practicing when you’re sick and she said that as long as I wasn’t throwing up, it’s best to come to class.  Apparently, many postures are designed to flush your lymphatic system and drain your sinuses, so it’s actually better to suffer through the class and get the benefit of the heat, humidity, and postures.  I’ll have to remind myself next time that happens.

So Saturday was my 18th class in 30 days.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I had to re-up my monthly membership, since my introductory month expired.  I had that Living Social deal for another month, so I turned that in and headed into class.  I can’t believe I’ve already been at the studio for a month!

Immediately, the room felt great.  I didn’t feel 100% but it was good to be back on my mat.  I struggled more with my balance (not sure why) and my left leg really felt weak.  But it was a great class with really good energy.  I am beginning to really enjoy the smaller classes on early Saturday mornings.

One weird thing happened during class though.  About halfway through, I realized that my sweat was cold on my skin.  I was sweating myself cold!  It was an odd sensation for sure.  I’m not sure if I was breaking a fever during class or my body is starting to really regulate itself in the heat, but it was a very odd sensation.  It made the class so much more enjoyable because I wasn’t thinking about how hot it was and my endurance went way up.  Who knows if it will be a fluke  and never happen again?

Update on the DIY shorts front:  a seamstress emailed me back!  She said that she would be happy to help me with my project.  I just need to take measurements and start that process with her.  I emailed her a couple of days ago and I’m waiting to hear back on instructions for the measurements.  I also asked if she would give me a private lesson so I can sew the first pair with her.  We will see how that turns out.  I’m pretty excited.

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